About Second Sun:

How many of you remember that? If you want to check it out, go run a search.

Anyways, some of you should remember it, and I’d just like to make the announcement that for purposes of RPGC fanfiction, it is dead. Like the dodo.

However, I’m starting on rewriting it as an attempt as a professional novel. So I’d like to take the time to ask if you do not mind me continuing to use your personas in it (Most names will be kept, only the names that make the least sense will be changed).

You go for it starstorm. You never actually implemented me but he’s still there for your use.

I gathered some time ago that this project as fanfiction had ended. You are most welcome to use my character in it, however.

However, if you want to use shortened forms of my name, I think that you ought to use Percy, not Perc.

Yeah, you should have my guy in there, only with way more dialogue, because I was just so fuckin’ rad. I mean, LOOK at me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t even remember what mine was, but if you use it, all I ask is you make the name Rinn instead of Epic, cause that would just be weird.

Can’t argue with that logic. And yeah, feel free to use my character(s). I shouldn’t take too much editing, I don’t think.

And would it be too much to expect to see this story as it progresses, or will we have to wait for the hardback to come out?

Heh… following your ambitions, eh SS? Good luck to you.

And yeah, use Glenton if you want.

I remember it. Well good luck on this project, mate.

Although I was a little disappointed that it ‘ended’ just as you got into my neck of the woods. So I never made an appearance, but whatever.

I would be honored to have you use my persona in a professional novel. I remember Second Sun, it was very good. I remember you mentioned me several times (to a female dragon’s delight no less), but my character never made an appearance. Please feel free to use the character as you feel fit and good luck. Writing a novel takes a lot of work and I wish you the best!

NOTE: I have been using the word “Bahamut” as the title for the king of dragons. Xero is actually the charater’s name. In other words “BahamutXero” is comparable to calling a human “King Arthur”, “Judge Judy”, etc.

Actually, your character DID make an appearance.

Sorry, there was a time when you were writing it that I didn’t have reliabe Internet access [hell I still don’t :)] and I eventually forgot about the story. You must have written it then. Anyway, I’ll look it up when I get the chance. Good luck and happy writing.

Oh no. You didn’t show up DIRECTLY.

Go ahead. Make my day. And make TD not drop the transport this time.

I think I’ll put up the first three chapters up as a teaser though, so…

That and I’d like to know if it’s better than how I wrote it the first time.

Now that sounds like a nice idea, we get a sneak preview, of a possible new novel. Cool.

Just to clarify: What I mean by “make an appearance” is the specific character was in a scene of some sort. I know he was mentioned several times in the story, but never “made an appearence”.

I’m checking out your preview now. Looking forward to critiquing :hahaha; .

No, he definately appeared. Not as himself though. grin Think of Allyekhrah and one of the things she did.