About Rogue...

I’ve been thinking, since Magneto can touch Rogue and in one universe has also had a child with her, due to the creation of a magnetic field surrounding his body, then why doesn’t Rogue just drain Magneto’s powers?

She would be ridding the X-men of a long standing threat to peace between Humans and Mutants and she would be able to touch the people she cares about. I see pluses all around.

Duh, I think its quite clear why she doesnt.

If she did, the world would implode and we wouldn’t have X-Men anymore. SILENCE BEFORE YOU KILL US ALL.

When did he have a child with her? Was that a new storyline?

EDIT: Also, she wouldnt just get his powers, she’d get his entire essence. And consider its Magneto, Im not sure she wants that.

Its not neccesarily an alternate universe, but the orginal, which spawned an alternate universe. I’m sort of confused to what you’re asking. She doesn’t drain his powers because she can’t get close enought to him? It takes a hella lot to destroy Magneto. Basically, its just not that simple. And she doens’t kill him in the other universe because she loves him, and he’s the leader of the X-men.

Is that the comic where Havoc is in that alternate reality…?

Age of Apocalypse.

You wait for me in bed. i’ll be there in a minute.

I’m already there. ^.~

I lost track of the X-Men so long ago…there are too many stories, too many versions, and too many characters to keep in touch with, kinda like FF. But hey…that’s the Marvel universe for ya…

Well AoA didn’t happen, so like, Rogue wouldn’t know she could do that anyways in normal circumstances…