About my RM2K3 game...

I finished the second demo of it…but my server decided to start going crazy and won’t upload anything…and it’s too big to be an attachment.

Can someone host it for me? All I need is the email address of the volunteer…

I can host it on my F-Serv

Edit: I’m serious, that’s really my e-mail.

Alright, I just sent it…thanks again.

Wait, what exactly did you send?
How big is it.

Edit: It’s not a POP3 e-mail ^^;;
Just send an e-mail of how to contact you (AIM, MSN, ICQ, or Yahoo)

You can contact me through AIM or Yahoo, my username is in my profile…

Alright, the file is on my F-Serv
download mirc
then start it up, enter all the info, then type
/server edtheserver.yi.org:6667
/join #rpgc
then type !Aetheria
accept the box that pops up
type get Aetheria.zip
and you’re done.

You heard him. Anyone who wants the game should follow those instuctions.

Okay, lemme revise the steps.
1 - Download mIRC
2 - Intsall mIRC.
3 - Connect to Studio 64:
/server edtheserver.yi.org
4 - Join the F-Serv room
/join #rpgc
5 - Getting the needed components
get Aetheria.zip
(wait for it to finish downloading)
(back in the room)
get rtp2k3.zip
6 - Installation
Extract Aetheria.zip (C:\Program Files\ASCII\RPG2000\Project)
Open rtp2k3.zip (Look for your mIRC folder in C:\Program Files)
Install rm2k3.exe
7 - Playing
Open RPG_RT.exe

Actually…Aetheria is an RM2K3 game…it uses a different RTP. I’ll post a link to a site that has it once I find it.

EDIT: Alright, go here, scroll down a bit, then click on RPG Maker 2003.

Alright, that will be on the f-serv (i started downloading right when you posted the link)
Someone else post here about it, good or bad, :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: That’s a fairly large file, but okay.