About 5 more weeks.

Yes, in about 5 weeks I should bee leaving this god forsaken place. It wouldn’t be too bad if the command wasn’t all fucked up, but it is so this place sucks a bunch. It isn’t really hot out here, so that is nice. It has gotten stupid out here and we hardly have anytime off (maybe 10 or 11 a day, which includes eating and sleeping). The lack of time off wouldn’t be bad if we were actually doing things and if that time wasn’t filled with bullshit, but whatever. Anyway, that is pretty much it. Later.

Any chance you might be going to Iraq?

That’s good to hear.

Good to hear from you.

Oh, you’re still alive? Good, good. See you in five weeks.

No chance for a couple of years. 2008 is the earliest possible time my unit might go to Iraq, but I get out then too, so I’m not worried (it’d still be better than this place though).

Thats good to hear good luck to you :slight_smile:

Good to hear. However, as I remember, didn’t you want to go to Iraq at one point?

I did, but after getting here and seeing how fucked up the command is, I don’t want my life to be up to guys like that. This place really isn’t that bad. In fact, the days that all we do is what we’re suppose to do, it is actually pretty nice and I couldn’t ask for a better deployment. However, the command has thrown in so much extra bullshit that we only have about 10 to 11 hours a day off (that includes sleeping, eating, and showering) which is extremely tiring. Most of it is because of bullshit training. Training is usually pretty boring, but it is usually working towards something, but there is nothing goning on out here and we have little down time. Most guys were pretty motivated when we came out here and some were even considering switching to active duty, but now everybody just wants to get out of the Marine Corps. Hell, you can see a huge difference in the early pictures out here and the ones taken now. I still sort of want to go to Iraq, but no where near as badly. Hell, the guys that went to Iraq prefer Iraq to this place (it is that bad out here).

Would you go to Iraq if you had the chance?


It would really depend on how things were going for me in the civilian world. I definitely would not go with this command though. This deployment has bot increased and decreased my desire to go to Iraq.