So anyone interested in this Planned Parenthood shit going on in America?

Crazy shit, man. Not surprised they’re cutting funding for it, though…seems like everyone’s getting their federal funding axed.

Cut the funding for everything. Just don’t do it because some religious fanatics are telling you to do it.

And South Dakota is trying to legalize the murder of doctors while they are performing an abortion

I say let the babies kill themselves if they don’t want to live.

Abortion is one thing I don’t understand. I used to be pro-abortion and I find it difficult to call myself pro-life now because I don’t want people to assume my reasoning is the same as the molesters, or maybe it is. I don’t care about religion or anything for that matter but who are we to say that the baby’s life wont be worth living?

What are the pro-abortion’s main arguments nowadays?

literally abort every baby - end the human race

Let’s abort this thread.

Let’s abort your face.

Wilfredo, leave the funny to 984, Zepp, and myself. And unintentionally GSG.

Anyway, religious fanatics are pissing themselves saying “I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for abortion” but their willfull ignorance makes it impossible to see the fact that 3% of the funding planned parenthood gets is privately funded. So by cutting funding to planned parenthood, they’re only stopping the funding for the things that they aren’t against, like free condoms and std screenings and educating kids about safe sex. They’re still going to get the money for abortions. And I’m pretty sure they don’t actually do abortions at Planned Parenthood buildings. So it’s just religion trying to get in the way because of retardedness…

But religious fanatics are against all of those things. Abstinence is all they think kids need to know. :V

Shinryu beat me to it. You only need to look at the Governor of Texas who blatantly ignored a reporter’s questions about Texas’ skyrocketing teen pregnancy rate and his refusal to teach anything but abstinence in schools. Until people accept to pay the price for the loss of their rights, education and access to services, this won’t change.

It’s not a coincidence that the pro-business party is also anti-abortion. I’m not saying it’s a conscious decision on their part - I’m not a conspiracy theorist in that regard. But it does make perfect economic sense for them to seek to end the practice. Capital requires cheap labor, and the existence of cheap labor requires abundant labor. It all comes together with the grand expansion of credit to get this abundant population spending beyond their means. Add a little bit of religion into the mix and now you’ve got the very people you’re exploiting supporting your own policies to their detriment! Hurray!

But Zepp…what about pro-business parties being anti immigration? Wouldn’t an abundant flow of cheap immigrant labor also be beneficial to them? Well, it’s not quite that simple I’d reply. First of all, despite all the anti-immigrant rhetoric, actual immigration, both legal and illegal has never been higher. So on the one hand, it’s sort of a “say one thing but do the other situation” - also you have to keep the native poor assuaged in thinking their barely survival wage jobs are safe and secure. But on the other hand, immigrant labor is a much more unknown quantity. Immigrants tend to be more politically active, economically and social liberal and willing to gather in large numbers to protest, demonstrate and vote. See the protests in Los Angeles a couple years ago, as well as the riots and revolutions happening in “brown” countries around the world at the moment. Too much immigrant labor could restart arguments about labor organizing and, since they also tend to have higher birth rates, lead to future generations of pro-labor voting blocs. So in this regard, it’s best to keep their numbers under control, and if possible keep them and their descendants from voting (see Arizona). Locally produced labor sources are far more amenable to being appeased with iPhones and shows about redecorating their houses in kooky fashions.

I literally believe this and am not trolling so feel free to spark up a discussion! This is why I am “pro-abortion” and “pro-immigration”, to use Ramza’s colorful diction. Because it’s the only stance acceptable from a truly revolutionary perspective.

And what about infant circumcision! Do the parents have the right to circumcise aborted futures?

So you’re pro-abortion because immigration would be an easy fix to the negligibly smaller amount of people coming into the workforce due to abortion? And I’m not trying to be colorful I just don’t know what else to call the sides other than pro-life and pro-abortion.

I feel like you sidestepped my question. What reason could you possibly have to abort a fetus? The one circumstance I don’t know about would be rape-babies.

Edit: I just don’t understand how someone could justify killing another human being.

Well, since you’re asking…

This is an EXTREMELY unpleasant news article, so I’m going to put it all behind spoilers.

Abortion doctor charged with 7 murders

An abortion doctor who catered to minorities, immigrants and poor women was charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Williams said patients were subjected to squalid and barbaric conditions at Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society.

Authorities went to investigate drug-related complaints at the clinic last year and stumbled on what Williams called a "house of horrors."

There were bags and bottles holding aborted fetuses were scattered throughout the building," Williams said. “There were jars, lining shelves, with severed feet that he kept for no medical purpose.”

(can’t put quote tags in spoiler tags, apparently)

I want you to imagine you are one of the women coming into this place, SEEING these things as you enter the doctor’s office - and I want you to think about the depths of desperation you would have to be in to not turn around and run out. Many of these women had probably been raped, yes, but they could also be poor and starving with no idea where to get help or any hope of getting help anywhere, living with abusive husbands and boyfriends or a family who would disown them or even kill them if their pregnancy were revealed. Whatever any individual case was, they were not putting themselves through this for fun. There are many reasons a woman choose to go through with an abortion - or she might be forced into one, at that - but whatever it is, it’s no easy choice.

Before there were clinics, women were desperate enough to stab themselves through the stomach with coat hangers and knitting needles. Hell, they probably still do in a lot of places.

What I’m saying is that this is where we’ll be without legal clinics and places like Planned Parenthood that help avert these kinds of situations - people will still find ways to abort a fetus if they are desperate enough, and then we’ll have people like the above doctor who profits from it.

What did Joan Crawford say after Roe v. Wade?


So basically the idea is that it’s going to happen regardless of legality, so we might as well legalize it to make it safer? What about drugs?

I would guess more people die from drug overdoses each year than there are abortions. Why don’t they make clinics for heroin like in a country that I can’t remember the name to

I personally think one of the best arguments that tends to be tossed around is:

“It’s not YOUR fucking place to tell ME what I do with MY fucking body.”

But Star, you might ask, what about the baby? To which the argument becomes: “First, it is not a baby. It is a fetus. There is a difference. It is a fetus feeding and using the mother’s body. If the mother has a fetus in her body and using it, the mother has the right to not have the fetus in the body. If you want to decide if there will be an abortion or not, you are hereby invited to find yourself some sperm and get pregnant.”

That said, Weiila basically has it clear through. The fact is, as long as there are women who do not want to bear children, for any reason, they will use any means to ensure they will not bear children. And sometimes the woman is not able to make full use of contraception. Maybe she isn’t taught how to use contraception or how to use it properly. Sometimes it just simply fails. It doesn’t matter. And if she cannot reasonably obtain a safe termination, then taking a risk of being seriously injured, possibly damaging her fertility, and dying seems a bit better than having a child that will certainly negatively affect her life. This is why people like Gosnell operate, and would continue to do so if abortion is ever made illegal again.

Seriously, we have been through this before (as a nation, not this particular explanation). This is why we DESPERATELY need organizations like Planned parenthood, and doctors like the late Dr. Tiller: because whether you like it or not, or whether you think it is moral or not, it is going to happen anyways and there will never be (nor should there be) a way to stop it. And it is far better to do so safely, so that the woman may retain her quality of life.

Unless, of course, you feel that a perforated uterus (among other things) is some sort of righteous punishment to the nasty slut, to which my argument becomes “Clearly your brain does not have enough Pb. You should rectify this immediately.”

Also, uh… what about drugs? What do they have to do with the subject?

I don’t understand the whole baby != fetus. It’s a homo sapien isn’t it?