EWWW. :scream:
My friend just got bit by one. We found out the poison is very hard to completely get rid of. And it causes necrosis, which means basically her skin will rot at the site of the bite. hey that rhymed. anyway, she has to be very careful to avoid getting any more open wounds or even scratches, or those injuries will start to rot as well.
And now apparently, our town has become a haven for these spiders, with a couple sightings of them a day.
It’s strange to see a Brown Recluse in our area, though. They usually aren’t this far north. (We live in Northern Illinois, about 3 miles from the Wisconsin border.)
Anybody have some theories about how a warm climate arachnid is suddenly thriving in a northern state?

not enough gekoes around to eat them?

Gross, you should probably like… try to help your friend or something? That doesn’t sound like a very pro-life disease.

Yeah, but won’ t the skin rotting thingie fade away after some time? But you said it’ s very hard to get rid of it, not impossible. I hope stuff will get better. :cool: Ah, and you are 300 times their size, killing them won’ t be a problem… :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread needs more pictures of brown recluse spiders and rotting wounds.

She can be treated to a certain extent and it shouldn’t be TOO bad. There’s been a general trend for warmer weather insects working their way up over the past couple decades and I think the reason why is obvious.

It’s not a disease, it’s the effect the venom has on the area that it was injected into, and severity of damage by the venom depends on the spider and how sensitive the person is.
I remember hearing that a little kid having been bitten by one (unknowingly) and without proper treatment, she went into shock and died. About the only thing that can be done is keep an icepack on the area to prevent the venom from spreading, and go to a doctor for leprosy antibiotic.
I’ve been bitten by a recluse twice on my arm, and never had a large amount of necrosis develop, although the bite areas were very sore for days afterward.

As for the distribution of the spider, they tend to hitchhike in stuff carried from one place to another (like in suitcases) and they’re up north as far as Ohio, so that’s no big surprise.

This thread made me shiver. Gross. Stay south, damn you.

Hey, Trillian, don’ t jinx! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, certain snakes do that too (vipers if I’ m correct).

Way to encourage my irrational fear of spiders. insert horrified smiley here

Yeah, but spiders aren’t insects. Yeah, I get anal when it comes to taxonomy for some reason. =P

Anyway, I don’t think we’ve got Brown Recluses here (although we do have Hobo Spiders), but I’ve seen a Black Widow on my porch once. And my sister (who runs a daycare) had a Black Widow infestation on her playground. And that could have been serious trouble if one of the toddlers got bit by one of the spiders.

But I think we can all be thankful that we don’t live in Australia (except for those of us who do). Those Funnel Web Spiders are absolutely brutal.

wow, i feel so sorry for your friend.That must REALLY suck.Recluse spider bites are nastier than the mother fuckers themselves.I would place a picture to prove this but you might have already seen something similar in RE:code veronica

Leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone. Much like dogs don’t.
Keep the area where she was bit clean and cold and she’ll be fine.

Don’t worry. Given what was said about the Brown Recluse, your fear is completely rational.


That’ll do quite nicely.

i woke up covered by them once, as they have a nest in our house and our managment we rent from won’t get rid of them, my mom got bit once as well but we found it in time and it treated successfully. I hate spiders. HATE.

Where do you live so I can avoid it? My friend got bit by one and went to the hospital, fuckin nature and its sinister ways…

Damn that tale certainly won’t help me sleep better tonight…

You can tell a spider is going to cause you trouble when you tell it that it resembles your girlfriend just after she spiked her hair!-----