Aaand we're back!

I demand pictures! Oh and it sounded fun, I really wanted to go. ;_;

Yeah, yeah, they’re coming, dammit! My computer didn’t want to play along yesterday and now I’m in the wrong place. Patience! Or maybe I’ll just keep them for a while longer… Hmmmm…

Are you holding the pics hostage Jing?

Glad you girls had fun.

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!

Welcome back to the both of you. It just wasn’t the same without you!

Anyway, back to work as usual!

Work… twitch … uh-oh… starts running away from Galloway

<a href=“” target=“blank”>Pic</a> <a href=“” target=“blank”>Pic</a>

Left to right: Weiila, Poke, the poking psycho, Wert. The quiet guy hadn’t arrived yet and I was holding the camera, duh. =P And that’s all I have. Nyah. They guys are playing… Super Smash Brothers Melee or whatever, by the way. Poke (Kirby!) owned everyone! Mwaha!

one wonders if Weiila played and how well she did. She’s so CUTE.

But y’all look cool. Hee… I wish I coulda been playing with you guys. With an angel on my lap.

Originally posted by Weiila
Work… twitch … uh-oh… starts running away from Galloway

You’d better run, angel! chases after Weiila

And remind me to never again smile with my lips apart. I look like a damn horse :stuck_out_tongue:

runs even faster I’m working on it! Honest!

Originally posted by Weiila
And remind me to never again smile with my lips apart. I look like a damn horse :stuck_out_tongue:

You so do not! Nice pictures, you all look so absorbed in the game playing:yipee:

Dreamer’s Dictionary
Weiila - Adorable girl with overwhelming cuteness. ; Angelic being

The pictures are nice, but thats not my defintion of Lots :stuck_out_tongue:

Manus, do you have to worship the ground Weiila walks on in every post you make? I mean, it’s just kinda irritating to see you drool everytime she breathes.

Yeah, really, whatever happened to you and Lady_Shadowz?

Whats one cory feldmen short of a total suck-fest?

Yep, it was really fun. Especially when me and the psycho friend was plotting (yes plotting, as in evil!I think people started to suspect something, but they never found out about our secret plot… Stupid paranoid Aes Sedai and Warders getting in the way :P) and singing the Great Mighty Poo opera (couldn’t sleep… I just couldn’t, and he had drunk 18 jolt in 14 hours or something O_o)

And when we RPed and since I had a feat called gambler we made bets about almost everything. (“6 silver marks that I find more valuable stuff than you!” (Me, right before we start looting some old ruin :P))

And of course you have to ph33r teh power of Popopo (I played as the white kirby and called it Popopo since Kirby was originally white and called Popopo :P)

Other fun stuff was when Wert played nethack and got a pair of cursed gauntlets of fumbling :slight_smile: or when a Nymph charmed him and stole his cursed boots… O_o

Or to summarize everything, if this happens again, I’ll definately be there (with Slayers Next, and maybe Try:)) and so should you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oooh! More Slayers! does the happy dance

Speaking of evil plans, Wert has a scary evil laughter. >.>;;

Mybe I’ll hold the next meeting if it’s the only way for me to attend one :wink:

I’d have lots of Slayers aswell… and as cream on top: Excel Saga :slight_smile:

heh, nice pics. You guys must’ve really had fun then :slight_smile: