Aaand we're back!

Me an’ Jing are back now, and I reckon Poke will be home by now as well though he might not have the time nor energy to post about it.
Four days at Wert’s, was fun. Four RPGCers, one dude who didn’t say much and one psycho who wouldn’t stop poking stuff. Like me and Jing. I bapped him on the head with a plastic bottle.
Anyway… we RPed some, watched a lot of anime and played some games. Now I’ve seen gay bishounen seadragons and dungheaps singing opera. I think my life is complete.
Now sis, post the photos already! :hahaha;

Good to see you again! :slight_smile:
hugs Weiila and Jing
I can’t wait to see the pictures… I wonder how cuter the two of you have become since the last time you had some taken. :yipee:

Gay bish… I’m not even gonna ask.

Me neither, but yay! Weiila’s back!:wave:

welcome back Mistress Weiila and Jing. ^^ Sounds like you had loads of fun ^^

Seph, Pierson: The Slayers, an anime. Get. Now. :slight_smile:

Aye, slayers kicks ass. =)

Thnx for a great time guys 'n gals, let’s do it again sometime! Wee!

Back to cleaning up this mess… Looks at the mountain of dishes and shudders

Hey, we brought the dishes to the dishwasher! waves arms

Yes, yes, the pictures are coming… I only have two, though. =P Weiila has some, but they need to get developed and cucumber knows when <i>that</i>'ll happen.

who was the quiet dude and who was the poking dude?

Welcome back. Give us details if you can, and something to blackmail Wert with. smirks.

Slayers, eh? Okay, so I still need to watch Slayers, Tenchi-Muyo, and Ranma. And Trigun. And get the rest of the fandubbed Rockman.EXE …

The quiet dude is a friend of mine whom only would let me borrow his DVD and Projector if he was there as well. I figured it’d be worth it, and I was right. :wink:

The poking dude is a very insane friend of mine whom I invited over in a weak moment when I said friends were coming over and stuff (and that was when just about everyone here said they weren’t coming). Only way to make him stop nagging me about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah well. Things went smooth still. =)

Worst summary ever, I need DETAIL!!! where are the pics!?

Sounds like you all had fun. If it happens next year, I’ll make damn sure I’m coming. And yeah, Slayers is one of my favourite animes.

Yay. huggles Weiila and Jing


Welcome back. Glad you had fun. (Well, aside from the poking.)

Im glad that you had a great time guys, wish I was there! :frowning:

Anyway, I need pics and I needed them yesterday! Much linkage needed! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mweeeee! I ant pics!

Sounds like fun… I wish I could have gone…

Yes, pictures. Including the one of Nulani :slight_smile:

Uhh… Nulani wasn’t there?

And… GRRR… I’ll get there next time, Wert. Next Time, if it weren’t for those pesky owrking days and my parents, too!

Shazbot! >_<