AA Fishermen

The Alcoholics Anonymous was having one of those excursions in which people get to have some contact with nature and practice some leisure activities. The plan was going fishing in some lake.

Reaching there, people gathered in small groups of two to four people and each group got into a boat. They then scattered throuout the lake.

One of the ex-alcoholics drove the boat into an isolate corner where his group couldn’t be seen by the others. He then unpacked his stuff. His companions noticed two sacks he’d brought that weren’t listed in the material people would bring.

-What are those things you bring in those sacks?

The man opens the first sack. Bottles of some kind of Brandy.

-Man, are you crazy? We are here to recover!

-I know. But suppose we are bitten by snakes. We will clear the wounds with the alcohol and then drink some of it to lessen the pain. I’ve brought it because nobody broght first aid kits.


(other companion)-…

-And what is in the second sack?

-A snake. Just to be sure.

I get jokes.


Man, that’s uber-lame.