A WoW fanfic!? Signup thread!

For the many of you who play WoW, I’m (hopefully) making a fanfic on it. The plot is basically a Warcraft version of the end of Star Wars: Clone Wars and the beginning of Episode III; Horde airships/zeppelins/whatever attack Stormwind, and a Horde warlord and his elite guards run in and steal the prince, and as they try to leave the Alliance makes a desperate break to get him back. EDIT: The plot doesn’t end with that though, after the prince is rescued some very, VERY interesting things happen that lead to much bigger things in the plot.

Now, you can be on the Alliance or Horde (naturally) and in addition you don’t have to be on a specific server. Also if you don’t have or play WoW but you want to make a character for this fanfic go right ahead, I honestly ENCOURAGE that :stuck_out_tongue:. But if you’re interested in joining list the following info:

-Your character’s name.
-Gender, height, race, facial features and skin color, all that jazz.
-What class he is. He can be a hybrid of multiple classes or a new class, just nothing overpowered. Be specific and include strengths and weaknesses.
What weapon/armor you use (if you can link it from Thottbot, a weapon not specifically from WoW is fine).
-If you’re on the Alliance or Horde (I know this is repetitive with race but meh :P) and what your PvP rank is. If you want to make one up, that’s fine, but preferably no Supreme Generals, High Warlords, that sort of thing. :stuck_out_tongue:
-If you want to be:
Alliance: On the strike team to recapture the prince, on the airship fleet battling the Horde, or on the ground battling the Horde
Horde: The warlord who captures the prince or a member of his guard, in the Horde airship fleet battling the Alliance, or on the ground battling the Alliance

Remember, the sooner you signup, the more likely you are to get the spot you’re looking for (since I can’t have everybody on the strike team and nobody defending Stormwind for Alliance)!

Name: Varael

Info: 5’11 human with short blonde hair, blue eyes, a shaven face and a slender build.

-Mage/rogue hybrid. Can wield swords, daggers, and staves. Has mana reserves and can cast excellent offensive magic. Also very fast; basically an offensive juggernaut. This comes at a severe cost; Varael has poor defense and durability and can be knocked out fast if he isn’t careful. He also doesn’t hit with much power despite the speedy attacks of his weapons. He also lacks defensive or healing spells and needs to rely on potions, bandages, or others for healing.

-Alliance, currently ranked as a Corporal

-Weapons two swords, armor leather body armor (not sure which weps and armor yet)

-On the strike team to recapture the prince

This is a pretty neat idea, but are you sure you just want to rewrite a SW scene? It would probably be much more entertaining if you wrote an original story.

Well, actually I forgot to mention that the SW scene is just laying the foundation for something much bigger. Meaning it won’t end with the prince being rescued, Horde being driven off, happy endings, yadda yadda. It actually gets MUCH more complicated and much more interesting.

Izlude Oranes

~Paladin, Brown Hair/Ponytail, Goatee
~Favored Weapon - 2Handed Mace
~Heavy Armor (Plate Mail) Wearer
~Alliance Corporal
~Ground Team to meet the horde in battle

I’d love to join, Om, I like your writing very much. However, my knowledge of WoW is too limited. Gimme time to do some research and I’ll come up with something, K?

I’m embarrased now, pretend I didn’t post.

…Your post ALONE made me want to scrap this idea. Know what you’re talking about before you post. The closest thing to a bazooka in WoW is a Gnomish Death Ray, and catgirls are nonexistent altogether. I can’t imagine how stoned Blizzard developers would have to be to introduce catgirls to Warcraft.

EDIT: I’m not expecting you to be a Warcraft expert here, just KNOW at least a few things about how it works.

There are dwarven mortar teams, so that might replace the bazooka idea. But yeah, Cat-girls are non-existant in World of Warcraft. praises Blizzard for not jumping on the Anime Bandwagon

I quit WoW, but I’ll be happy to join. I had an Orc Rogue, I figure he needs some love.

Name: Fengxian
Gender: Male
Height: 6 feet 4 inches
Race: Orcish
Description: Narrow, calculating face with bluish eyes. No facial hair. Black hair reaching to his shoulders pulled back in a ponytail. Wiry frame.
Class: Rogue.
Weapons: Glacial Blade x2 (one held in each hand).
Allegiance: Horde
PvP Rank: Field Marshal
Current Assignment: Personal bodyguard for Warlord < warlord capturing the prince >

If you feel anything needs changing, feel free - it’s your story. I didn’t include armor or whatnot because of all the different areas where one’s character can be armored (head, chest, arms, etc.) but for the daggers I queried level 60 superior quality daggers and thought the icon looked pretty neat. =D

-Name: Kalius

-Info: 6’5" Night Elf with long green hair, glowing yellow eyes, and a green beard/mustache.

-Druid: Can instantly heal self to full (Once every 3 minutes), also able to call upon the moon and stars to damage my foes with arcane power. Can also shift into a bear if many enemies attack me and can shift into a cheetah if things get too tough to run away. I can also heal my allies but leave myself defenseless doing so.

-Alliance: Ranked as a Knight-Champion (Hope to get to Lietenant Commander this week.)

-Weapons: Daggers

-On the ground battling the Horde.

Making a post for Lan, he’ll be unbanned in a little less than a month I think.

Name: Lanyx

Info: Night Elf, 6’8", very tall, blue hair, no facial hair, dressed in the Bloodfang Armor

Rogue: Stealthy, extremely high damage class. Strong against everything, weak against everything. Rogues can do very well against every class, but if luck isn’t in their favor, they can have some major problems. Mages do very well against rogues. A rogue’s allegience lasts only as long as the latest contract. Lanyx serves the Horde. For now. Uses no magic, uses energy. Very low maximum energy, but it replenishes 20% at a time.

Alliance: Grand Marshal (Yeahyeah, give me a month and a half)

Weapons: Wields Vis’Kag the Bloodletter. A weapon unmatched in power, and said to have been taken from the corpse of Onyxia herself. He offhands the Brutality Blade.

Assignment: Helping with the Prince.

I don’t have WoW yet, but I’m somewhat familiar with it from the beta. Here’s a little something.

Name: Torus
Info: Human, 1,90m, imposing figure with blue eyes, light brown hair of average length and a short beard. Wears a silver armor with the crest of Lordaeron on the chest and a dark blue cape. Carries a greatsword, but saves it for certain occasions, preferring to use a longsword or hammer and a shield in most battles.

Paladin of an uncommon sort: Has high defense, often outlasting his enemies through sheer resilience, and his strength and agility are above average. Can use healing powers, boost his abilities with several sacred Seals, or use up their energy to weaken or damage foes. Has also picked up a few skills in his travels, and is able to use a few abilities seen in priests. However, his technique still needs improvement, and although he has some combat experience, he still needs to find a way of handling more than four enemies at the same time. He particularly hates the troll-filled caves around Kharanos, where he once had to travel on a quest. The party he traveled with at the time was ambushed, and after intense fighting they managed to get out of the cave, half dead and sore all over. Although he has made considerable progress since then, he still tends to get angry whenever he is attacked by groups of enemies.

Alliance: One of the last survivors from Lordaeron, who witnessed the murder of Uther the Lightbringer. After spending several months protecting refugees, he made his way to Stormwind to further his training in hopes of going after Arthas someday. With Lordaeron in ruins, he is completely cut off from any chain of command, and handles freelance missions in the area around Stormwind, occasionally teaming up with a few passing adventurers. Unlike others, who often seek to join adventurer guilds or the local militia, Toril enjoys traveling by himself. In his free time, he studies medicine and engineering, or goes off to the nearest mine to get some raw materials and perfect his smithing skills. He occasionally travels to Ironforge to learn with the dwarves and gnomes.

(By the way, I have an idea for another character, so if you want to use it too, let me know.)

Yeah, I’m going to need time to research as well.

Edit: I don’t have World of Warcraft so it’s going to be lacking some details or have some details totally made up.

Name: Ronian
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Skin: olive-toned complexion
Face: narrow face with soft features.
Eyes: Brown but glow blue when casting
Hair: Black. Kept short

Height: 6 '1
Build: Medium. Like a runner’s or a gymnasts.

Class: Alliance Priest/Rogue
On the strike team
Rank - Whatever you think is good

Weapons: Dual Daggers that restore 8 mana every 5 seconds
Armour: Leather

Spells: Greater Heal, Flash Heal, Resurrection, Shield, Inner Fire, Dispel, Nullify Disease, Mind Control, Mind Vision, Psychic Scream, Mind Soothe, Prayer of Healing

Attacks: Slice and Dice, Evasion, Sinister Strike, Parry

Strengths: High mana reserves, medium mana regen rate
Weaknesses: Low endurance and strength.
: Fights mainly for self defence so his attacks don’t carry much

Started out as a priest in the Lordaeron army as a support caster but picked up a few combat skills on the battlefield.

Well, after checking the WoW site, I came up with this. Hope you like him!

Name: Simon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Features: bushy eyebrows
Class: Mage
Professions: Alchemy, Enchanting
Weapon: Staff
Armor: robes
Size: Tall
Side: Alliance- Strike Team
PvP Rank: Uhh, you decide
Short Background: A lonely but powerful hermit, drawn into the war because the Horde attacked him, fearing he would help the humans anyway. Idiots.
Personality: Wise, hates war, doesn’t like being in an army, not a happy camper. There are rumors he spends his money on ladies of the evening, but nothings’ been proven. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: