a worker at a GameStop store lied to me

he said that Fable was 10 time the size of Morrowind .
I should kick his ass.

So why are you wasting time posting here? Go kick his ass, take pictures, then come back and you can not only prove it, but amuse me greatly, thus serving dual purpose.

So…? õ_o

hands Zhare a baretta 9mm Don’t dirty yourself with his blood. Use this instead.

Wear gloves so you don’t leave prints and don’t get GSR on your hands.

They also said that we couldn’t get Fable because we reserved it at the wrong Gamestop; and that Doom III had great level design.

The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall is way bigger than Morrowind, and I’m quite serious about this.

Beat him to death with a tire iron, in front of his family

Gather evidence and then present him with irrefutable proof that he is wrong.

reserve at Wal-Mart,when you reserve something

Let others do the work for you. Just tell the NKVD he questioned Stalin’s orders.

Slit him from nose to naval.

So? I bet people lie to others all the time…IT’S A CONSPEIRACY!!!

Ah, you’re very wise young one… People DO lie to each other, ALL THE TIME. But it’s no conspiracy, just a fact of life. Especially when they’re trying to make a sale. Go marketing!

Oh no, it’s Ragnarok!
A sales clerk lied!

It can’t be Ragnarok, we had a 70 degree fahreneit day just this january here in Illinois, and I know we are getting more of them this coming winter. Ragnarok needs to be a LOT colder. But it is an interesting pre-cursor.

I’m totaly going to gank Thor’s hammer after Ragnarok, and use it to like, hammer shit