"A woman to play Mother Theresa? Oh, call up Paris Hilton."

Seriously. I only wish I was kidding.

Oh those crazy Indian directors*!

Rajeevnath [the director] continued: “Although there are several actresses willing to play the role of Mother Teresa, the most widely respected and loved person, the history of the actress who is finally chosen for the role would have to be analysed thoroughly before she is chosen.”

… pardon me. turns around and snickers
One wonders if he’s thinking of the same Paris Hilton as the rest of us.

*Maiming a quote dropped about us Swedes once upon a time.

No… no… it can’t be true… It’s IMPOSSIBLE…


It probably isn’t true, since it IS the Register, and all.

Yeah, it’s probably bullshit. But if it isn’t…if thats not a sign of the apocalypse then nothing is.

I vote Apocalypse. >.>

She needs all the publicity she can get. Let’s give it to her.

Hell no! She already hasd the hmph…you know. And besides shes a regular old bitch! ( I know because of what people say about her) directors and such.

Yeah, and you know what they say; any publicity is good publicity. And isn’t this thread technically giving her at least a very small amount of publicity?

yes, but if no one cares enough to go see the end product of an effort or talk about outside a forum like this, is it still counting as publicity?

aux.v. Past tense might

  1. To be allowed or permitted to: May I take a swim? Yes, you may.
  2. Used to indicate a certain measure of likelihood or possibility: It may rain this afternoon.
  3. Used to express a desire or fervent wish: Long may he live!
  4. Used to express contingency, purpose, or result in clauses introduced by that or so that: expressing ideas so that the average person may understand.
  5. To be obliged; must. Used in statutes, deeds, and other legal documents. See Usage Note at can.

well, since she’s patented her name… :stuck_out_tongue:

This just in: Johnny Knoxville to play the title role in the remake of Gandhi.

Paris Hilton is of course the obvious choice to play Mother Theresa since they look so much a like. Hell, if it weren’t for their age differences, I’d swear that they were twins.

Oh, bloody hell. That’s it, we’re all doomed.

It’s hopefully bollocks.

Ha ha ha ha ha. :slight_smile: