A very good reason to get your woman a cell phone...


This reminds me of a friend who uses an old razor blade to get off… supposedly she can get off manually too, whatever that means- I didn’t want to hear anymore. >.>;


You just gave me the worst visual ever.

Am i the only one reminded of that scene in “7”?

You mean that scene where Brad Pitt crammed his fist into his vagina? Yeah, I was reminded of that by Eden’s post.

I once read a site where a gamer chick showed how she used the vibrating controller of some videogaming system to get off. She was playing Panzer Dragon 2 or something like that.

Further on the topic, reportedly a girl somewhere in Brazil suffered an intimal accident with a cell phone that had a vibrating battery.


You do realize where I live and the amount of cellphones here!?

And Spazzy, NO. You don’t want to give a female a cellphone, unless she pays the phonebill. Since, you know. They tend to talk quite a lot. And it’s pretty costly too, once you talk enough. So, rethink :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d pay for it anyways, as I’d be the one racking up the fees.

Hilarious, but DEFINITELY not on my Christmas list. O.o

Nonono, he means the scene where Morgan Freeman jammed his gun up Brad Pitt’s anus.

Dot dot dot …

I don’t remember Gordon Freeman doin’ that! … oh, wait, you said Morgan Freeman.

What. The. Fuck???

Some girls I know would get that for their own cellphones. Call themselves from a private line…meh, you know where I’m going with this

On the other hand, there is probably worse out there.

Dizzy: Oh trust me, there are. Oh yes <a href=“http://www.gamegirladvance.com/archives/2002/10/26/sex_in_games_rezvibrator.html”>there surely are</a>.

Dev: I could say something witty here, but booster can express it better than me: :booster:

Of all the stupid things to make a thread about…

Hello Kitty dildoes, and blowup doll sheep.

But then again, what good is a cell phone if the owner is never going to answer the calls? They’ll just let them ring. A regular dildo does the same job for them and is way cheaper.

Yeah, but that’s capitalism for you. How many people do you know have cell phones and never answer them? I know a few. And none of them have the masturbatory attachment.