A Thread about an RPG. On an RPG forum.

No, seriously, it is.

A few years back, a guy made up an RPG system. He and some of his friends got together and put together a booklet which was literally printed the day it was to be presented at a gaming convention. It was received favorably by the gamers who tried it, and the people who made it were totally stoked about this. Trouble was, he didn’t have a graphics person to help format the thing and make it look presentable to the public, as well as a slew of other minor problems which worked against the system being refined. Years passed, and the system languished in a darkened file somewhere, unseen by human eyes. Well, the guy that thought up the system finally decided to give it another go and present his baby at the next local con.
That’s where I with my Graphic Design diploma entered the scene, in an awkward and haphazard way.
Initially, I was asked to do artwork for the booklet, and I was like 'LAWLZ WHUT? OKAY! I DRAW STUFF. :D" because honestly, if I’m not drawing something, I’m either asleep or dead. I’m now the art person in charge of formatting the game guide booklet, the character sheets, and all that good stuff. Our team of three people met up once a month to discuss how the guide booklet should look, what kind of format we wanted to present it in, and most importantly, how the hell we were gonna pull this thing off. I set up a temporary webpage on my site as well as a Facebookgroup before the local fantasy/scifi/game convention VISIONCON started. After the con rolled by, and we sold a good chunk of guides with even more positive feedback, we started getting more and more people joining the Facebook group.

Ok, now here’s the deal, my fellow RPGCers. We need playtesters.

Your reward for this? You get your name printed in the next edition of the book, in shiny letters, and possibly some cool free stuff later on if the game really takes off.

So if any of you guys are interested in trying out a new RPG system, either join the Facebook group and click on ‘Discussions’ or shoot us an email and let Brandon, the guy in charge, know that you want to try out the game.

I’m always interested in seeing and trying new roleplaying games. :slight_smile:
Could probably grab a few friends and try to set up a game.

Is it just rules or is there a setting too? And what’s the main focus of the rules?
(Dungeon crawl, over the top adventure, intrigues and backstabbing, and so on… Or is it just a universal system?)

And what should I write if I send a mail? “Hi, I heard you need playtestesters and I’m interested in helping”?

No default setting, it’s an adaptable system that fits to whatever the GM can think up. The playtest I got to run was a Steampunk thriller/mystery where I made a character that was a robot possessed by the spirit of a murdered heiress. Another thing about this system is that character creation doesn’t take a long time; it took me about 20 minutes to finish the character sheet.

And yeah, just send an email and say that you’re interested in the playtest.

Trill is going to draw laser sword wielding Playboy bunnies fighting orcs with Tommy guns riding dinosaurs as a demonstration of how flexible the system is. :slight_smile:

I would love to play test it with some friends- I’ll join your facebook group too. :3

Where can we get said book to play with?

I should totally make that a bonus poster for the test-players. It would be epic. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yayyyy! :smiley:

Brandon will most likely email you either a word document or PDF of the game guide, as well as the PDF of the character sheet to print out.

Okay, I’ll send a mail later today (not at home right now, so shouldn’t even be browsing RPGC ;)).
Should I write something like “I heard from Trillian/your artist that you need playtesters”, or does he know that you’re advertising?

He knows I’m advertising, but go ahead and let him know I referred you.

Is it still possible to be involved in this if I don’t have a facebook and will not make one come hell and/or high water?

Yes indeed, it’s possible. You need no account in order to participate, just an email address where you can be contacted.

Aww, why not? I still obsess over old RPG systems like GURPS and Champions. I’ll check this out as well. :slight_smile:

I wish I had friends like you guys in real life, that way I wouldn’t have to choose between the physically attractive kids and the…anime crowd(who are just as retarded as everybody else once you get to know them). My point is, I am too deprived of nerd friends to enjoy these types of things.

I was very lucky to have found RPG players considering where I live. I ended up buying gamebooks we never used simply because I loved the very idea of mechanically describing fantasy; I enjoyed reading both the background material and the rules systems. I wish I’d have the Net back then… I would’ve looked for more people to play with online.

Btw Trill, I already got in contact with your friend, and I hope to be able to help soon. :slight_smile:

It’s a well-known fact that everyone here is not stupid, nerdy, physically attractive and a kid.

My point exactly.

Also, we have perfect teeth

And you know why? Because only the new Crest! can both give you white* teeth and make you** happy.

*for different values of white
**as a shareholder

I’d volunteer as well but I’ve had no luck in finding a crowd of RPers that didn’t suck. At best I could hope for a group with one or two bad players but I haven’t seen anything around here that’s into short campaigns or even know how to campaign. :frowning: