A Thought on Coca-Cola

shooting coke might not cure your tumor, but you’ll damn sure forget about that cancer for an hour or so

lol catch cancer

Originally Posted by Arac
Sil’s right, you guys. I tried this. I’m fucking dead. After I finish typing this, I’m gonna go make some pottery with Demi Moore.

Poor Arac. I bet your lymph nodes were as big as cats.

Anyways, I don’t know about it effectively treating cancer, but I’ve heard that it’s doing one hell of a bang up job as breast implant material. We can finally do away with all that silicon crap (and Flying Monkeys too).

What if, like, everyone totally smoked weed everyday, like MAN there would totally be NO WAR anymore in the world. 420 peez out

Then, we’d knit the smallest pair of hemp pants in the world, right Zepp? And we’d put them on this mouse. Then the mouse gets put in a cupboard, you know? But which cupboard? Everybody’s so busy looking for the mouse they can’t even, like, waste their time fighting.

Hey I though you were still dead…

Unless you still are…

And you have come back from the grave to seek vengeance and brains…

As a Coke Zombie?

In which case…Would you like a 7up?

I didn’t come back as a zombie. I came back as a Patrick Swayzombee.

420 shit’s weak more like 430

We need more experiments to see what RC Cola can do.

Combined with Moon Pies.

Originally Posted by Arac
I didn’t come back as a zombie. I came back as a Patrick Swayzombee.

Well regardless as to what you came back as I’m still gonna stock up on some Mentos tipped bullets just in case.

Coca Cola… ahh… that and KFC share a secret to their original addictiveness…

But I digress. The stuff forms some pretty nifty crystals with time and buildup. It’s also recommended by doctors (I see an ad every day) that you drink it through a straw so you don’t blast a hole through your teeth.

Wouldn’t be surprised if it could raise the dead.