A survival horror compairison

Fuck that. Play Forbidden Siren. That’s ‘weakling Japanese citizens with no weapons, armour, health pickups or SHIT run from unkillable immortal ARMED villagers while the houses sink into a sea of BLOOD’ scary.

All the games mentioned here pwn though. :smiley:

Well i don’t usally play this kinds of games,but i read in an article about the game siren that it’s soposed to be so scary that the ads for it had to be taken out in japan.

Bah, if you want scary, play Alone in the Dark 3. Sheesh. Scary stuffs :stuck_out_tongue:

Or, if you really wanna be frightened, try Barbie’s Trailer Park Fantasy. Hellacious experience, for sure.

If you want scary.
Tap in on my dreams!

I’ll have to get around to playing one of those games sometime.

Though Dawn of The Dead is not a game, it’s scaaarry…

Bah. Sweet Home is still the best Survival Horror game ever. Easily.

Probably the scariest too (if any of them can be called “scary”)… and it relies on plot and atmosphere to be spooky, not polygonal zombies popping out of windows.

Play Silent Hill 2. The atmosphere is fucking DISTURBING as HELL
It’s awesome.

Personaly, I’m not a big fan of the really effin’ scary stuff(This includes most horror movies), so I highly doubt I could handle any of the Silent Hills.

But I must say, I loved Sweet Home.