A surprisingly tough little game


Our paper recently began publishing Sudoku puzzles daily, and my mom’s totally hooked. It has almost taken me in too!

It says there’s a logical solution for each that you can reach without guessing. Do you have to guess until you get your first one right, and then figure it out?

No, there’s usually one or more rows that can be solved or half-solved with absolutely no guessing.

Hmm… I am trying to do it each 3x3 square at a time and then rearranging things for the rows/columns. Not the way to do it I guess

Try Evil Puzzle 2,998,399,279 :stuck_out_tongue:
It took me like 15 minutes

Yeah, I remember when Sat posted about this game. I started playing on this site. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have my own book of these things. They are quite fun, once you get your head around the best way to work.

I only do them occasionally. I haven’t figured out the way to do them yet.

This ain’t bad.

A game of Go with me would last that and then some >=(

Took me the same amount of time.

Don’t guess when you fill in the squares. You should be able to have a reason other than “I guessed” for why a number went in a particular place.
I used to guess sometimes, but then I’d end up backtracking so much because of it.