A stupid question with DQ6

Emulator : SNES
After "THE END"this word appeared,I restart the ROM and loaded the last save (saved in church),but i can’t find any secrets in the game…(eg.the book in the cave that at the top of Amorv,there is no road to let me cross the river in the cave)
Is there something miss to do in the ending or before the ending?
plz help ,thanks!:moogle:

Did you do an actual save, or did you only do a save state?

This might also help:

thanks for reply
I did an actual save,but still doesn’t work :frowning:
can i press any key to restart the game in the THE END screen?

It’s actually been a long time. I’d keep hitting buttons, and if nothing happens, use the Reset option of ZSNES since it simulates the Reset button of the SNES. Then load your save game and try to go to the cave.

i missed something before…
the problem solved,thanks!

Not a problem at all, glad I could help.