A stupid fic I came up with... ignore it if you want... ^_^;;;;

Okay, this is just something I made while bored to death the other day. Some people are on it that we all know and I want you to know this… do not come to kill me once you read this. I’am not forcing you to read this I just wanted to have somebody read it and have a laugh or not. Just ignore it if you don’t like what you see so far. I don’t want anyone eatting my head off for something I worte. KAY

Just a little something I cooked up while tring to finish ‘From Fear to hope’ Don’t read if you don’t wanna, just something lame and I was bored yad-yada-yada. Just read if you want. I will be known as CC.

Chris-chris’s interview with her own Characters! Cough

CC- Hello everyone! Today i will interview with some of my characters and some we all know and love. I will ask each cahracter two question and they should answer it… I hope. Any ways, I don’t usually write in this kind of text but, it’s the only way I could think of while tring not to make it into a story… sweatdrops Okay. Here we go!

Chris- Can I come out yet?

CC- no Christopher! Stay in there!

Chris- Yes ma’am.

CC Now, my first interview will be with a childhood friend of mine and a very special guest. Josh! Come on out!

a teenager same age as CC walks onto the stage and sits down at desk with her

Josh- It’s great to be here Chrissy.

CC- blushes Don’t call me chrissy in front of everyone. Anyways, as for my first question, how long have we known each other?

Josh- I think for about nine years. I remember I used to come over and play video games with you. We had some great times back then, eh?

CC- yipe. Sweet memories. Next question, what do you plan to become once you grow up?

Josh- I wanna become a computer designer or programer. If not, something that has to do with technology.

CC- Josh, we’ll always be friends, right?

Josh- Sure.

CC- Cool. Why don’t you be the host of the show along with me? You know, stike around and help me interview the characters?

Josh- I don’t see why not.

CC- Thanks! Now, our next guest is the prince of I-dunno-what’s-it’called, Magus. he comes from the Crono world.

Magus enters the stage not so happy

CC/Josh- Welcome!

Magus- growl

CC-Magus, what’s with the vampire look?

Magus- I lost everything a long time ago and I don’t really want to explain. Go play the game. I going back to bed.

CC- Oh no you don’t! You stay put for the next question!

Josh- What was it like traveling with Crono and company?

Magus- It was rather interesting I must say… sometimes annoyning. CC, haven’t you played the game yet?


Magus salms palm to face then why did you pick me to be interviewed?

CC- I couldn’t think of anyone and you just poped into my head. You can go now.

Josh- Our next guest is the Hero of Time, Link!

link walks onto the stage as Magus leaves, mummbling something under his breath

Link- Wuz up?

CC- the sky!

Josh- the roof!

Link- sweatdrops

CC- So Link. In my Zelda fic, ‘Destiny Call’s’ whats it like t be the oldest brother?

Josh- I didn’t know you had a Zelda fic.

CC- You never asked.

Josh- I’m gonna have to read it…

CC- I can’t let you. It’s still incomplete.

Link- Well, it’s kind of fun yet it can be hard…

Josh- how do you feel about Chris’s destiny?

Link- Uhhh… I don’t think the readers are to know about that just yet…

Josh- Oops. Sorry.

CC- anyway, how do you feel about me writing the fic? Do you hate me?

Link- I don’t hate you. I just wanna see what happens to my brothers.

CC- Thank you Link! Next is The demon boy from my own story, Matt!

  • a kid walks onto the stage with sky blue hair and a black sword*

Matt- hey!

CC/Josh- Hi ya’!

Josh- So Matt, tells us waht you do if your mom finds a test that you failed?

matt- RUN FOR THE HILLS BABY! Uham… sorry. But I hide under my bed until I know she won’t go bunkers.

CC- Matt, do you have a crush on trinity?

MAtt- I do not!

CC-Do too!



Josh- Enough! CC and Matt kicks each other in the shins but quiets down thank you Matt for coming. Our next guest is the Prince of the Brood, Ryu!

Matt leaves as ryu walks up

Ryu- …

CC/Josh- Hey!

Josh- Ryu, what’s with the silent treatment? Both you and Crono never talk.

Ryu- shurges

Josh/CC- thud

CC- Next question!

Josh- Do you ever talk?

Ryu-… … … … …

CC- Okay…

Josh- thanks for being here Ryu.

Ryu- No problem. Oh and Chris-chris, you might want to update that story before someone comes and kills you. See ya’!

Ryu walks away

CC/Josh- speechless

CC- Next guest!

Josh- right! She is the best known aurthor to Chris-chris and deadly with the whip. Please welcome, Weiila!

Weiila flies in

Weiila- Hi Chris-chris!

CC- Hi Weiila!

Josh- So how do you two know each other?

Weiila- Well, CC was looking for some help with her fics and found RPGClassics. There she met me and I’ve helped her with spelling and grammar errors in most of her fics.

CC- Weiila, sorry it’s taking so long to have the BoF fic I said I’d have into you. But I’m a little busy with one of my other projects. But it will be in soon.

Weiila- It’s okay CC. Take all the time you need.

CC- Thank you!

Josh- Why does she call you ‘Mistress?’

Weiila- i think it’s because I help her out so much that she satrted calling me that because I help her in almost everything. I gusse you can call her my appertince.

CC- sweatdrops Yep. That’s why I call you that…

Weiila- It was nice chatting with you CC and Josh. But I got fic’s to write and people to wip. See you there CC!

she files away

CC- our next guest is one of my hero and best friend, Your Orakian hero, Orakio!

Orakio enters the stage rather happy to be here.

Orakio- Hey ya CC!

CC- Hi!

Josh- So how did you two meet?

Orakio- Well, it was rather interesting. I remember CC felt she made everyone mad becasue she shared her account with her cosuin and made a big mess. She wanted to straighten things out by having everyone throw nasty replies at her and tell her to go away and never come back. But I stood up for her. She’s helped me through a lot here lately.

CC- i don’t ever wanna remmeber that…

Josh- There’s something I never knew about you…

CC- Whadda you mean?

Josh- i didn’t think you would do something like that… I thought you were the type who wouldn’t take crap from anyone…

CC- I’ve changed since then. I’ve become softer then what I use to be.

Josh- I remember you would hit anyone who even looked at you in a funny way. I remember you use to beat up anyone you wanted to. Now you’re a softie? What happened to the one who was feard by all?

CC- You’re asking for it!

Josh- What is my punishment?

CC- How about a-

Orakio- Save it for the room.

CC- blushes Anyway. Ask the next question…

Josh- What is with the ‘Your Orakian Hero’ thing? I don’t understand it…

Orakio- Am’ I your Orakian Hero Chris-chris? :slight_smile:

CC- Yes! runs up and hugs him :slight_smile:

Orakio- I don’t want to explain it. She seems to like it. :slight_smile:

Josh- Right… looks at CC You wanna intvite the next guest?

CC- Sure! Everyone, I want to welcome a very special guest. The Guardian of the Fantasy Relams and another best friend of mine, Manus Dei!

Manus comes and Orakio leaves to wait for me

Manus- Hello Chris-chris.

CC- hi Manus. My question is for you is, what is it that you do, exactly?

Manus- I guard the fantasy realms and I’am a Paladian Guardian.

CC- That’s good.

Josh- So Manus, tell us about yourself.

Manus- I’am a Paladian Guardian. I Guard the fantasy realms and I do the Master’s biding, I’am extreminly shy around cute and nice girls and I like to try and help people the best that I can.

Josh- I do believe our next guest is someone we all love and know, our very good friend, Chris!

Manus sits down in a chair next to CC and whispers something in her ear. She stares at him then shakes her head. Manus leaves as Chris walks onto the stage.

Josh- What was that all about?

CC- Oh, we need to have a chat after the show. Anyways, welcome here Chris!

Chris- Thankies! :slight_smile:

Josh- So Chris, you’re the main attaraction CC’s has in you in her fic, Destiny call’s, right? Now, how do you feel about your future?

Chris- Well, I think I’ll like it as long as she doesn’t make Fierce Deity nag on me for every little mistake I do… Chris growls a little bit.

CC- I know but put up wih it. Besides, it’ll add comical brife to the story. :slight_smile:

Chris- Easy for you to say…

Fierce Deity- I heard that kid!

Chris- What you gonna do about it?!

Fierce Deity- Don’t even get me started!

Chris- Try me!

CC- Enough! I have a peice of the fic right here in my hands and I can easily erase you guys from the story! >_<

Chris/Fierce Deity- He started it.

CC- Shush.

Chris/Fierce Deity- …

CC- that’s better. Now, next question. Chris, what do you feel about love?

Chris- whadda you mean love? YOU now I can’t… shut up! he grows extremly red

Josh- there there Chris. I’m sure CC wouldn’t be that evil.

CC- Ahh… don’t worry Chris, I do have plans for you.

Josh- Right… ^_^;;

CC- I still owe you a fic don’t I?

Josh- Yep. when you gonna type it up? :slight_smile:

CC- As soon as I get more info on the game. And as soon as I find a site that will take it. I mean, If Weiila will take a look at it once I’m done with all these others, I’m sure she’ll take it and add it to the archives. I tried Fanfiction.net but they wouldn’t take it so I’m hoping that RPGClassics will take it for me… now if you’ll give me the list… :slight_smile:

Josh- I though you had all the information already…

CC- O_O; Oh! You’re right! I do have it already. Now if I can get off my lazy butt and type it all up…

Josh- Now you’re talking. :slight_smile:

CC- I promise to have at least a chapter or two writen up by the end of this summer. Give me some time to type up all this other crap. ^_^;;

Chris-… Can I speak now?

CC- What is it Chris?

Chris- Why did you give me the name ‘Christopher’?

CC- I have a friend named christopher. he was a good friend of mine and I couldn’t think of any new names so, that’s how you ended up being Chris. :slight_smile:

Chris- Okay. That’s all I wanted to know. thanks! bye now! :slight_smile:

Chris leaves the stage

CC- I gusse that about wraps everything.

Josh- Yep.

CC- So, This is Josh and chris-chris, singing off. See ya later! :slight_smile:

Chris- WAAAIIIITTTT!! We’re not done yet!

CC- Oh boy! You ani’t gonna do it are you?!

Chris- Yep! Perpare yourself Chrissy!

CC- AHHH!!! runs like mad to escape his grasp

Finally Chris catches me and starts tickling me like mad. Josh peeks around the cornor and laughs.

Josh- poor Chris-chris. Maybe I should help her… huh? he hears Chris’s laughter instead of mine. Josh looks back at us and sees me ontop of Chris tickling him

CC- You have to remember Chris! I created you! I know your weak points! hehehehahahah!

Chris- Make her stop! hahahahah! Stop it! Truce! JR! Dart! Leon! LINK!

Josh- Time to close this. Thanks for coming everybody. I hope next time we meet, it will be under better situations. AHHH! Josh is pulled into the attaction as I now tickle both of the boys.

CC- :slight_smile: Good day everybody! Get bac here Chris! I’m not done with you!

The stage is blacking out as you hear the sounds of many laugters.

End, for now. :slight_smile:

I know, it sucks but, hey. I was bored to death when ever I wrote this. I think I’ll turn into a dragon for a while…

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You wanna be in the next one Charle? :wink: You can if you want. Just PM me.

nice one Chris. Loved it! At least I know I am still somebody’s Orakian Hero :slight_smile:

Aww :slight_smile: Cute Chris, though as always I say to the scriptwriters to try story format :slight_smile:

Yeah I know. But this one really wasn’t all that of a fic. I just threw something together and the outcome was this. though, the next one is in story format.

Sweet! That’s Amazing!

Good job, Chris! That was simply hilarious!

I didn’t think it was that good… thanks you guys! ^_^. It means a lot to me…:frowning: :smiley: :smiley:

Tickle mania!:smiley: Woohoo!

The next part will be coming in soon. It’ll be in story format, kay?

Alrighties :wink:

:slight_smile: those are always fun… cute!!

I don’t know but I think something was missing. Maybe I should’ve kept it in scribe stly but I just didn’t like it… well, heres two.Chris-chris’s interview with her own characters! Part 2!! groans

If you want an interview, just send me an e-mail or PM me, give me two questions you’d like to be asked then give me the answers. If you don’t want to make up your own question, I’ll ask them. So, here it is!

Chris-chris comes onto a stage with a desk in the center, behind the desk is two chairs with two other chairs in front. She walks behing the desk and sits down in the right seat. the lights focus on her and the audiance is silent. The half human plays around with som paper then crumbles it up and eats it.

“Bills, boy I hate 'em. cough Sorry 'bout that folks. But my day has been like crap.” I said.

“Chris-chris, I believe you’re on stage…” a teenage boy about her age steps in. He has short black hair and wears black pants and a shirt.

“Josh? So, you’ve come to jion me once again?” I asks.

“Yep. Plus, I wanted to be there in case things got out of control.” Josh tells her.

“Like last time?”

“Last time you cought me off guard and tickled me to death. That won’t happen this time. So, whoes our first guest?” he asks.

“I believe this guest is a very special guest to me and you, she is my little sister, Vickie!” I introduse my little sister as she comes to the chairs in front of my desk.

“Hi Vickie! Long time no see!” Josh says happily.

“Hi! I missed you. Why don’t you come over sometime?” Vickie ask. Josh just shrugs and looks at Chris-chris.

“Okay little sister. Here is your first question. Do-” I’am is interupted by Vickie.

“You ask me questions?”

“Yes, little one. I do. Anyways, what do you thin about my fics?” I ask her. She stares blankly at me for a moment then answers,

'I love them! espeically your romance ones… Though, I also like Destiny Call’s." Vickie answers.

“Do you think Chris-chris should cotninue writing?” Josh asks her. She smiles and shakes her head.

“Yes! I do think she should! why? Has she been doughting herself?” Vickies face turns into a fearfull and sad face.

“No… I just don’t know…” I answer.

“you shouldn’t think like that. You know you’re a good writer and I want to have you continue. Now, I go to bed.” Vickie tells me. She gets up and starts to walk off the stage.

“Our next guest is from the Mushroom kingdom, Mario. Please come up!” I call for the next guest. After a few seconds, Mario steps up and walks to the chairs in front of us. He sets down then says,

“Hey, it’s a me, Mario.”

“Hello Mario. Glad you could come.” Josh says.

“Mario, tell me, will you ever marry Princess Toadstool?” I ask. He blushes a bit before answering.

“I plan to… but, that would spoil the fun…”

“Okay, so that’s a ‘I plan to’? Good.” I said.

“Mario, we all know how much you love pumling, right? So, why haven’t you fixed the pluming system of your house? I mean, last time I went there it was pretty bad…” Josh ask. I look at him.

“You’ve been to his house?”

“Yep. Me and Mario go way back Chris.” Josh tells me.

“Huh oh… that. Well I uh. Don’t make me answer that.” Mario says.

“Okay. Thanks for coming. Josh, invite the next guest.” I tell him.

“Our next guest is known well umong the worren clan in BoF three. Please welcome Rei!” Josh invites. Mario leaves the stage as Rei walks up to the chairs.

“Hey!” he said.

“Welcome here Rei! Can you tell us how you found Teepo?” I ask him.

“It was actually a few months before I met Ryu. (oh and By the way, when are you going to make a fic about that?) I recall I found him running from the item store manager carring a bunch of stolen goods. He asked for help and I helped him.” rei answered my question.

“oh… so he got you into the theifing hood?” i snicker.

“NO! I was a theif way before him!” he snapped back.

“Oh sure you were…” I say as I roll my eyes.

“watch it there CC!” rei pulls out his claws and threatens to tear my head off.

“Save it for a fic Rei. Now, why is it that you traveld with Ryu?” Josh asked.

“I wanted to find out why mine and his kind of power ever existed.” he shrugs, sitting back in his chair.

“Thanks for coming Rei. Our next quest is someone who I know from RPGClassics and is a great guy. Please welcome, Lord Zhou Yu!” As rei leaves, a young man walks up with long brown hair. He sits in the chair in front of me a smiles.

“Hey Chris. goo to see you here. Hello Josh, it’s nice to meet a friend of Chris-chris.” Zhou yu said. Jossh nods and looks back at Chris-chris.

“Thank you Zhou yu. My question is, is what do you plan to do once my rp is over? Do you plan to continue with aethia 2: the dragons den or start something else?” I ask him.

“In terms of what my character will do after your rp, well, he’ll probably just return to aethia… i don’t know how will end. I plan to finish aethia 2 and I have two more aethia adventures planned once that one is finshed.” Zhou tells me.

“If, after my first rp, would you like to join me in my next adevnture? I’m not to sure what to do in it until we completed finding yourself. But if I decide to, will you want to?” I question him once again.

“Do I really have to answer that? You know I will.” he smiles.

“Thank you so much Zhou Yu!” I said as I engulf him into a soft huged. I release him and say, “our next guest is another member of Links family in my fic ‘Destiny call’s’. please give a warm welcome JR!” I introduse. A man a little older then us walks up and sits down as Zhou yu leaves.

“Hey guys.” JR says.

“Hello JR.” Josh said.

“JR, do you want a different name?” I ask him.

“To give me a better intelegiant name, I would prefer Sir Issac Newton.” JR tells me. I sweatdrop.

“No… I think I’ll keep it at JR…” ^_^;;

“JR, how come you’re smarter than your brothers?” Josh questions.

“CC made me that way.” he tells him almost sarcasticly.

“uh thank you JR, Josh, i think we should call out the next guest before something bad happens.” I signal at him.

“Sure, our next guest is a member of RPGClassics and is also under learnings of Orakio, please welcome, Crotanks.” JOsh calls. JR walks off the stage and Crotanks enters. He sits down and says Hello.

“Hello Crotanks.” I reply.

'So what is it that you do in RPGC exactly?" Josh asks him.

“I’m just a shriner. Orak taught me the way of Super Shrining, I began to enjoy it. Sparks are going away though.” he answers.

“How do you defeat Riku in Kingdom hearts for the final battle against him? I’m having so much trouble…” ^_^;;; I ask him.

“I can’t tell you that til the shrine is done. You’ll have to keep tring.” Crotanks answers.

“Well, thanks anyways. Good luck with your shrining.” i tell him. He stands up and says one other thing,

“oh and good luck learning from Orak. You’ll learn a lot from him.”

“Thanks!” :slight_smile:

“CC, you wanna go ahead and invite the next guest?” Josh looks at me.

“Oh uh… I think it’s time to quit. Thanks evverybody for coming once again, until next ti-… Josh… is someone standing behind me? Josh… Josh? Josh?” I get no answer. I turn around to see Chris standing behind me smiling evily. “You don’t plan on doing anything do you Chris?” I ask.

“… yessss… heh.” Chris steps closer to me. I jump out of my chair.

“Nnonnono! NOt this time!” I yell.

“Come here you little half breed!” he shouts and leaps ontop of me before I can run. He then starts to tickle me. I laugh like mad as the curtains close.

End… wait. More to come.

I think I should’ve sticked with the scrib. What do you think. I duuno… I gusse I feel as though something is missing… oh well. Tell me if I should stick with scribwriting on this one. Votes?

Em… spelling?

Very interesting. Keep up the good work!

I know the spelling still needs work but, who can blame me? ^_^;;;

Nice work. Keep upat it, Chris-chris.