a story with no prupose or meaning

one day a squirrel popped it’s head out of it’s nest. squirrels don’t normally have nests, but jack wasn’t a normal whale. which probly had something to do with tha fact that he was a squirrel, but that’s not beside the point. anyway, once he peked out of his nest, his head was hit by a flying rock and he died. so obviously this story isn’t about him. it’s about the man who threw the rock.

the man who threw the rock’s name was jack thompson, coincidentally he shares a name with a man who would campaign against his own mother if it would be a popular case and draw national attention. but the jack thompson we’re talking about is completely different. he was not a lawyer and was in no way oinvolved in the legal system, except perhaps on the receiving end of justice. i say perhaps because this man has a shady past and he may or may not have been busted by the FBI for stealing animals from the zoo.

jack thompson was a very memorable character, described as habitually wearing, dark clothing with green tinted sun glasses. he had short blue hair and wore white shoes. his very existence was an un-fashion statement. he would blow into one town, stay for a couple days, then leave as quickly as he came. everyone in every town he visited noticed that everywhere he went was immediately engulfed in a low lying fog and all the lights went out. they supposed that he had a vaguely mysterious purpose that may or may not be for the better, though it may or may not be for the worse. people were entirely unsure of who he was or what his purpose was.

but jack didn’t mind. jack liked it that way. and he also like beaning squirrels who peekd their heads out of their nests with rocks. and he liked new assignments, which is why he was heading over to the next town.

It’s good, in a kind of random humor way.

…wow, lol.

Jack moved on, not bothering to pick up the squirrel he had beaned. he already had a sack full of squirrels, and honestly couldn’t varry any more. besides, he had thought he hit a bird at first, since obviously birds are the only things supposed to be in nest’s. it had been a long time since he had a bird.

jack’s foggy aura followed him with a small sigh. it never got to rest. it was always following jack, and jack was almost always moving. it wished it could just float away like real fog. or vanish in the sunlight. the aura hated sunlight, but jack traveled by day a lot. it sighed again, hoping that jack would keel over asleep on the road so it could go back to it’s own plane of existence and rest.

but jack had no intention of stopping. he had recently been hired out as a hit man. this particular hit was scant on information. all he had was a name…not much when even the women were named jack. but he had heard rumors that this particular jack was in the next town and that he always went around in a suit, going on about violence or some such. he ran through his various killing methods in his mind.

“Well, i could gag him with spam until he died. that would probably work best. no one would want to get close enough to the spam to check for finger prints.”

with this set firmly in mind, he headed to the next road side mini mart. he was going to have to end this one quickly. he could feel it in his bones…which weren’t really bones, but adamantium sticks formed to shape as bones. jack had heard that this story element was already in use, but he told the writer that he didn’t care. so he stole the idea and ran with it.

of course the shop keeper was curious as to why a blue haired man wanted to buy 100 cans of spam, but he didn’t question it. it cleared his shelves of a product no one else would buy anyways. the thought ran across his mind that he might have something nasty in mind…but dismissed it. he was a simple mini mart tender, what did he know?