A still more glorious dawn awaits

Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise
A morning filled with 400 billion suns
The rising of the milky way

This videos are amazing. and you all fail for not finding them sooner.

Man. This stuff is just great. Thanks for the link!

Also: Carl Sagan had some epic eyebrows.

Yes, yes they are. Sagan!

Space is awesome.
I am “resuscitating” my spacey sig just for this

A friend of mine had an uncle who was basically the astrophysicist version of a pokemon rival to Carl Sagan. They both died of the same weird blood disease.


very cool stuff

Not only have I not been able to get these fucking songs out of my head, but I’ve been watching the Cosmos series for the first time and have 3 episodes left. I wish I had seen the series and studied Carl Sagan when I was growing up. Fundamentalist Christian brainwashing and sheltering for the loss, but I guess that’s no excuse really.

Just finished watching Contact, which I have always enjoyed, but it takes new meaning and is much more powerful after learning about Sagan. Up next: his books.

Also, Stephen Hawking is going to be in a Cosmos style show on Discovery in April, guess it will run 4 episodes or so. Should be good. It’s called Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking.