A staff event

It will be required that all staff have a picture of girls in bikinis in their sigs. Anyone who doesn’t comply will face consequences. Thank you.

What about that one bond girl that used to be a man? S/he was wearing a bikini…

It has to be a girl otherwise we’ll have crazy mofos like Zepp posting their oddities (god , does anyone remember the guy wit the goatee and the gigantic tits?) and Janet Reno. And I have my bikini pic of Janet and I am not afraid to use it.

Can we have the pictures in our avatar instead or is this a sort of zero tolerance it has to be in the sig thing?

hmmmmmmm… sig only.

Okie dokie, now to find Charlemagne and get him to photoshop Sin’s head on top of a bikini clad girl. Actually he’ll probably have one on his hard drive already.

Wait, this is a serious thing? I thought you were just joking around. Holy shit.

You wish is my command, lord Sin. Is this alright?

the RPGC swimsuit issue? I can almost feel my eyes liquefying in my sockets :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, that’s just the universe laughing, Merl.

I’m not allowed. My woman would murder me. I could post a link to <A HREF=“http://www.tecmoinc.com/games/doax.asp”>Tecmo’s site</A>, though.

Alright, let me find a good picture then =P

Great. Now I have permission to be a perb. goes off to the search engine

I’m surprised no one asked if it had to be a ‘real’ female :stuck_out_tongue:

Put zeppelin in your sig first, Sin.

Cless : I don’t have it 8P. Everyone has to have a pic in by sunday night.

It would appear that you did not try hard enough!

Will this do?

Eww. Just… eww.

rolls eyes

And eww too.