A single wish

If each of you had the chance to make a single wish come true, what would it be?

A single wish, eh? thinks

Why would I want to wish for anything when I got everything I could need? Family, friends, and meeting people from all over the goble. This is the best life I need. I don’t need anything else.:smiley: :kissy: :wave: :slight_smile:

For my long-term lover to have not split up with me today. :frowning:

I would be torn between finding true love and getting coffee…actually, no, the former is more important to me, even if it’s not likely. :frowning: Oh well, I’ll just hafta obsess over fictional guys…:slight_smile:

Don’t worry, one day you will find love. It’s just finding the right person that your heart wants. I’ve always believed that there is one person in the world that will make you complete. Only one person that your soul has a complete connection too. Of course you will find love before you meet them (if you ever do), but theirs will be the strongest and will never die out.

My Angel is all I need…:smiley:

IF I could have any wish in the world I would probably go for, either having wings, like an Angel, or finding my true love to spend the rest of my life with!

I need to find my soulmate…goes off to find chocolate, whining incessantly

hugs Lady Shadowz
I know how you feel. I waited for years before finding my Angel. But don’t worry. Somewhere, out there, someone is waiting for you.

Thank you for your optimism…till then, I at least have chocolate, coffee, and pictures of several hot guys! drools over a Sephiroth picture Ahem…heheheh :slight_smile:

Maybe I can introduce you to Raziel, Kain and Vorador… Mwahahahaha!

I almost always use my first wish for blessed rustproof +2 silver dragon scale mail, unless I managed to find on in a bones file.

To make sure my true love and I will remain together throughout all our years to live and grow old with one another:D Ah what a blissful feeling:kissy:

i wish cool males existed in real life.

I wish I could do anything I wanted so I don’t need wishes.

I would wish that the RPGC Roadtrip does acctually happen this summer, it would be so cool!

I would like to use a wish to create world peace and resolve problems of the environment and economy, as well as famine, oppression, racism and other calamities in the world today. I am certain that I would feel much better knowing that I employed my wish to help others.