A Sims 2 inspired poll

What will it be, your aspiration in your lifetime?

  1. Romance
  2. Knowledge
  3. Family
  4. Popularity
  5. Money


Ironically, college gets in the way of learning. >.>

2 + 5, probably. I secretly want money, but I feel bad for wanting money.


With knowledge, you know alot of things, maybe cool things other people do not know, and it might help you gain POPULARITY. :cool:

With knowledge, you can find out what people like, which might come in handy when ROMANCE is involved. :kissy:

With knowledge, you can start anywhere, and do almost anything, which is a great way to start a career to earn MONEY. :ah-ha!:

With knowledge, you know what other people around you feel like, thus being able to comfort, assist, and advise those closest to you: FAMILY. :victoly:

I don’t want Money. Money can’t buy happiness. Like Biggie said, more money more problems.

I don’t want Popularity. I never did. I somehow unintentionally got popular amoung my work friends. I don’t know how that happened, but I don’t enjoy it.

Family is great, but it is not my choice. Honestly, I love my family but I could live without them. They’re all going to die eventually anyway.

Knowlege is also good, but not my choice. The truth hurts. Ignorance is bliss. You know that feeling when you know you are right but no one believes you? That sucks.

So my choice is Romance. And for a cynic like me, that is an odd choice. I’d like to find Ms. Right. I think in such a fucked up world like this, love is the only truely good thing left. And I’d rather be happy than successful anyday. The problem is, I’m neither.

Now you’ve said it all! ^^;; Finantial independence would be great too, but knowledge is the ultimate asset.

#6 Grow up


#2-Knowledge is indeed a need now a days.Im sure noone would want to be stupid infront of the public.

#5-I dont feel bad for wanting money.Its what makes the world go round damnit.I dont know, maybe Im like this because I grew/growing up in a high-income (and growing) household and money to me, although I flaunt it aimlessly most times, is a necessity.Im sorry to whom I offend upon saying this but I can never live being poor,I just cant.

I agree with this, although a similar argument could be made for any of them…