a simple RO question

Hey everybody, attached here is my stats 'n stuff. My question is… where should I level? I’ve been levelin at the yoyos for a while now, but I can’t seem to generate enough money there to keep myself alive with reds since those monkeys hurt like a mofo. Any help would be appreciated!:moogle:

First and second floors of dungeons. Specifically BYalan Geffen and Payon

That Elder Willow place southeast of Izulde. The Resin items they drop are worth 53z each. Sometimes they also drop Red Bloods (~2K ea.) and Dead Branches (~8K ea.)

Actually now with the rollback and zenny cap, prices are flucuating greatly so it’s hard to put an exact price on the items you’d get.

The Blood Moor |-P

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> You still level up in the Blood Moor at level 34? You suck :stuck_out_tongue: Well, on Normal, at least.

Since when have you known me to be on Normal for ANYTHING?

Yeah, we all know X plays on easy.

Normal=Easy, Frame. And you can’t play Nightmare or Hell unless you BEAT Normal. So, umm, shut up.

Oh, you can also try Smokies and Cocos- they should give decent exp and shouldn’t hit you very often.

Kag, that sounds an awful lot like drug paraphanalia. I’m afraid you’re gonna have to come with me.

Guides a Redeemer unto X2K’s sorry ass

Guides an english textbook unto Booken’s sorry face?

I’m innocent I tell you! You just keep trying to make RO look bad you demon!

Thank you X2K and Tenchimaru for the lovely tips for Diablo II which I just so happened to have needed (hence the obvious reference to the game in the title of the thread) :thud: har har.
Besides… leveling in the blood moor is a horrible idea o_O even Nightmare blood moor gives worse exp than the normal difficulty hell areas.:ulty:

I was just making a political statement concerning my views towards Ragnarok Online.

that’s nice… really… that’s great… a wonderful thing… pulls out an assault knife I mean it!:enguard:

Umm… let me suggest you GET MORE STR!


You should get atleast 30 str, or you’re going to be hitting shit for a while. (Ever)

If you can handle it, I suggest horns. They are good exp, drop 10K glavies and drop stuff often. You will needs reds though, but get a glavie or two and your set (they aren’t hard to find) also try caramels, they also drop glavies… but I think they are a bit harder.

Cocos and smokies are good, smokies are more likely to hit you then cocos however, and they attack faster. They drop kittie bands though, which you’ll fetch an handsom price for. Coco’s don’t drop anythign amazing, but their normal drops sell well. Don’t bother with ambernites, with your strength you won’t be able to make a dent.

Good luck, and lay off the agi, geez :stuck_out_tongue:


heh… strength isn’t as important for an agility thief as agility is :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t exactly hit lightly with my weapon anyway. Most times I do a double hit for 120-280 with pretty good speed. I might put some into strength later, but for now I’m gonna focus on my agi so I can avoid being hit :o

And Eden… hitting like a novice is doing 20-30 per hit, or less if you’re a mage (curses his weak mage that took FOREVER to get outta novice), but thanks for the tips everybody, I shall do my best to make Assassin… bwahahahahaha

Ant Hell and Mt. Mjolnir are also good. I’ve made 2000z per trip.