A Shout-Out to obscurity

Preface: my brother’s not exactly the sharpest tack in the world, and his friends are the types that you expect to see on an episode of “COPS.”

I was at my parents’ house (where my brother’s at), and I was killing some time by playing my import copy of Dragon Quest IV for Playstation. One of my brother’s friends came in to steal some of my parents’ soda, and saw me playing it. He walks up, and says “hey, you know video games, have you played that Grand Theft Auto thing?” I mumbled back some reply that was semi-intelligible. He stops for a minute and says “what are you playing?” I tell him that it’s Dragon Quest IV, a remake of an older game. He says back “oh… it looks like Dragon Warrior, that game I got free with my Nintendo Power when I was a kid. I remember fightin’ those little blue and yellow jelly things, and those wyverns, and that fuckin’ dragon thing and everything. That game was awesome.” Stunned, I look back, and say “Dragon Quest <I>is</I> Dragon Warrior. That was it’s Japanese name. This is the fourth one.” He says “oh, that’s cool. So, you can read Japanese?” I look back at the screen, remembering that it’s all in kana, and reply that I can only decipher a little. He says something along the lines of “well, keep it up, cause that’s the best way to learn.”

I’m just kinda stunned. I know that everyone knows Final Fantasy these days, but I’m kind of taken aback when people remember Dragon Warrior, much less names of individual monsters from the game (though it was a little odd that he remembered Wyvern and not Slime…). I guess that just goes to show that, despite cultural differences, any two people can have something in common.

Gamers come from all walks of life. Even amongst gamers this is true. My Shadowrun group is a great one, yet the GM might be classified as an FF7 fanboy (insofar as having only played 7, 8, and 9, and couldnt be half-assed to play the first 6, not in the sense of being the average GameFAQs poster), something that might bug some of the RPG elite around here. He also hates Nintendo, though I attribute that to his age more than anything. Another player is a Sony fanboy in particular, but still damn clever.

Neither are as good examples as yours is, but a thing to avoid as a gamer is to think that all gamers whom like a game that you like are like you (try saying that 5 times fast!)

Nintendo Power created so many RPG fans with that Dragon Warrior giveaway.

Thats how I got hooked.

Oh no. I wish you didn’t mention that part :wink:

I was shocked when I discovered that my ex-girlfriend’s dad was a video game freak. He is in his fifties, and “old dude” still has a couple of multi-game cartridges for NES, I looked at some of these games – man, it’s a freaking museum!

I got my grandparents into Dragon Warrior, by giving them a copy of an emu and rom. They were totally hooked on it, just because of the simplicity. I was amazed they didn’t get bored of it, i was amazed how much they liked it.

Though thats definitely pretty funny :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have much tales of old men or random people liking games. Except that my local game store owner (coincidentally, my former boss until he gives the OK for me to run his tournaments, which should be eventually)'s well into his 30s and a video game nut (though he doesn’t like RPGs).

Your grandparents? Heh, maybe I should see how my grandfather reacts to a few choice games. Funny indeed. (Of course I’d never show him GTA, or he might have a fit… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Speaking of, EGM ran something about a Shadowrun game for the X-Box 360 in its rumor column in the new issue.

Show ‘em Final Fantasy X! AARP COMPELS YOU!
(okay, so I just happened to notice a headline about video games on my parents’ AARP magazine)

My Grandfather is a Dr. Mario god. He pwns me and my dad without any effort, and my dad’s better than me. :frowning:

They’re also to blame for introducing me to Zelda, and showing me how to beat Ganon among other things.

If we’re gonna talk about family, there arent many old people in my family into the hobby. I know of one cousin, but thats hardly old. I’m pretty much alone on these matters.

My grandmother mas a Tetris master. She is the only person I know to have beaten Tetris 1 and 2. I remember when she beat 2, she left it on the completion screen for like three days.

When she died, I got all of her NES stuff. I treasure that stuff.

You can finish tetris? @_@

There’s two modes in Tetris. One of them goes on forever until you lose, the other has a set ending.

Not exactly. Type A tetris goes on indefinitely. Type B Tetris simply gives you a simple objective; you must clear 25 lines without crashing. 25 lines isn’t too hard, though it’s harder on lv 9 difficulty with a height of 5.

As far as I know, Tetris 2 doesn’t have an ending. Much like Dr. Mario, it continues on well past lv 30 (which is as high as I’ve ever gotten in either game).

No. There is a definite ending. I believe there is a type A and B in 2 too.

The GB version also has a puzzle mode, where you need to beat the level with a limited number of set pieces. But I haven’t played it in years, and I don’t think I finished it, so I can’t say for certain if there’s an ending.

My dad was really good at Dr. Mario. I believe there was some sort of UFO thing if you got up to 100 or something like that… I don’t recall exactly what number it was. My dad also kicked ass at Star Fox 64, getting so high of a score that he reset the fucking counters on his high score, making him ultimately get a lower score than he actually deserved. I’m not exactly sure how that happened. He’s also really good at that Area 51 shooting game in arcades, and can beat it with a minimal amount of credits.

Of course, his problem is that he thinks that RPGs are the shittiest pieces of shit ever to come from shittown, and NEVER understood why I loved them.