A Scanner Darkly will be an awesome film.

I loved the book and am so looking forward to this film. If nothing else it will be amazing to watch. The entire movie looks like it’s made out of vectors.

IMDB page

Script, if you really want to be spoilered WARNING, .PDF FILE

Short blurb on the original novel

I hope it is done more justice than most other films based on Dick’s works.

Amen to that.

Amen to Dick.


Blade Runner was a good movie, hopefully this will be too.

Mmmm… cyberpunk. I shall definately see this one.

I usually hate cyber punk…I like the drawing style, so I guess I’ll give it a try…

man, how can anyone hate Cyberpunk?!! Each to their own, I guess, but the cyberpunk vision is a wicked thing. Makes me all teary-eyed and nostalgic.

Cyberpunk is too gloomy and pessimistic for my taste.

…then again, I dislike most action films on the whole.

Just for fun, the official literary defininition of cyberpunk is:

‘A noir story taking place in a distopian future.’

So, basically, the world sucks, the main character’s down on his luck, there’s a mystery, and it rains way too goddamn much to scientifically make sense =P.

I really like a lot of cyberpunk, though. Along with noir, which it is apparently considered a sub-genre of (which makes sense when you think about it), it is my favourite genre.

Man, I’d kill to see some film noir now-a-days.

Just rent Touch of Evil and you’ll feel all warm an gooey on the inside.

I just don’t understand most of it…but the only Cyberpunk I’ve been exposed to is Ghost in the Shell & Standalone complex…so I don’t think my opinion maters…I Do like the music of noir, though.

I don’t beleive cyber-punk really has to be all that pesimistic. Yes, the stories involved may be dark and reveal to us a gloomy future, but this only really applies to examples such as Ghost in the Shell and Akira. What about the kind of cyber punk in the Star Ocean intro; that surreal 80’s cartoon-esque vision. Readers of the Dark Tower - Do u think the city of Lud and the plains that surround it, along with that crystal clear atmosphere qualify as a cyber punk vision?

WTF, it’s like cel-shaded live-action CGI.

Darkly’s pretty sweet, but isn’t he a rather obscure character to center a movie around? I mean, all he did was help you get to Twilight Town…

But uh… Cyberpunk is usually boring, with a few exceptions (Robocop!!!). Remember when <a href=“http://www.robocoparchive.com/info/cameo/wrestle.htm”>Robocop was on WCW</a>? That was funny.

OK, on topic, the art looks fantabulous. I’m interested in seeing how this movie turns out, despite the aforementioned fact that I’m hardly a cyberpunk fan, and the fact that I know nothing about the book.