A sad poem

Once upon a young child recived a gift of happiness.
It was a toy of joy and cheer.
The Child was enthralled with it, He took it everywhere for a companion it was to be.
Then one day at preschool the child was playing contently. But then a thing went askew.
Somthing was wrong, the child looked and saw that the toy was fractured at the tail!
The Boy looked at the broken toy and realized. His toy would be no-more.
He looked and started choking up for his friend snarl was never to transform again or to play some more.
The child went home that day in much lament.
The toy was gone forever and the only thing left of him are memories and his sword.

Rembering that always makes me sad.

First of all, that’s not really a poem.

Secondly, it’s not even that sad.

Thirdly, it’s just sorta weird.

Um, that wasn’t sad. Could you elaborate why that was so . . . sad?

Not all that sad. Weird, but not sad.