A *reasonable* night at the r0x0rburys

TD, Maba and 984 hit the club in their most fashionable suits and start the bopping. (Of course, since this is no animation, no bopping included)

And this is after about half a dozen failed attempts. Hope I didn’t fail you ><

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> bops

For some reason that reminded me of the Turks of FF7 laughs

Heh… next, the drunken turks Maba TD and 984… nah…

In case you want to see the ‘origin’ for that picture… I’ll send you the small video clip if you stop by IRC :stuck_out_tongue:

throws on “What is Love” and headbops

After seeing that movie, my neck hurt for a week. :hahaha;

Hell yeah. Woo.

What is love… Baby don’t hurt me… Don’t hurt me, no more…

Yeah! Yhat’s a cool pic, based on a cool movie :smiley:
headbops a bit

Btw, have you seen the small Roxbury clip with Jim Carrey?
It’s so incredibly cool XD
“Something’s wrong with the CD!”


Let me just say how much i love the titles/avvies you guys are using. bops