A rare excursion for me...

Which area would you want to live in the most and why? This does not mean visit. I enjoy visiting cities every so often, but I would not want to live in one. I guess im a suburbs or rural man, probably closer to suburbs. (I voted for suburbs). I just enjoy them more then city life, and rural is a bit too…naturey, I guess. I prefer the nice mix of city and country.

Right where I am now. Small city, tourist area with plenty of scenery… Only part of Western new York that’s growing, really.

Speaking of western new york- did you notice how all of today was sunny, and yet a huge blizzard was still going on ,or are you too far south?\

I voted for rural. Natrually living near one of the biggest cities in the state.

Rural. Where I am now.
Happy where I am now.

My ideal living location would be a suburb right next to a commercial area, in a quiet town.

As much as I love nature and the environment, nothing beats the convenience of the city, for me atleast.

While I enjoy the currently suburban dwelling that I have now, if I had the money and resources, I would live far off by myself in the most rural setting, until then, the convenience of suburban is insurmountable.

the desert, where I can make and much noise as I want and wont have to worry about bad weather(besides blazing hot days and freezing cold nights)

I’m just like SG on this one. My brother in law and sister live in a place called Pearland, which is a suburb of Houston, and I absolutely love it there. If I had the freedom to choose where I lived, it’d be something like that.

I’m with Gila.

I’m a city boy, through and through. I need to live in the city.

I love it. Walking the streets at night. Everything is close. You can just stumble home from the bar. It’s great.

I belong in the city.

In a city, somewhere hot, or relatively hot, all year long. I’m from a rural/surburban area and I hate it.

I virulently despise suburbs. I’ve lived in suburbs a long time and I despise every single aspect that makes a suburb a suburb.

I’m comfortable living in the city. I like the convenience of things like shopping centres and subway systems.

I’m not a big fan of shopping malls, but I sure do like public transportation.

Like my 19th century predecessors, I prefer the inner suburbs because it’s not right in the middle of all business and industry, and yet close enough to everything that I can walk down the street to a Quickie mart to get a cherry Icee without getting mugged by highwaymen.

I wouldn’t wanna live in the sort of throw-up suburban community with cookie-cutter housing, though. Too boring, too perfectly regulated…too Stepford. >.>

Trillian’s gonna be a Stepford Wife.

Nuuuuuuuuu! ;.;

Rural. I like forests.

Urban all the way. I can’t stand small towns/rural.

ps: welcome to the rpgclassics forums, ackbar :slight_smile:

My home, basically. I’m not getting out of here anytime soon.