A question that does not involve liver enzymes

Probably a duh question, but are ATX power supplies compatible with Micro-ATX motherboards?


If you have high levels of ATX in your enzyme panel test, then you probably have a mild case of Intelosis.

Reply to Ramza’s post in last thread: just smoke weed, kill the pain, never get addicted. literally lol if you do any drugs other than weed

I was addicted to prescription painkillers/heroin, cocaine, and meth/prescription stimulants for the better part of the last 3 years. I’ve been sober just over 4 months now


Explains a lot about your posts.

Did you need them to calm your nerves during WoW raids gone wrong?

Excellent. That’s one less peripheral I need to replace.

Damn, my favorite topic is liver enzymes. How do I shine now?

yea dog