A question for those who've done drugs

Well, we can agree that people’s perception of reality, and the “reality” that they experience is subjective, and varies per person.

So while some people do drugs to escape their “reality,” others may do drugs to try to get a better glimpse or grip on “reality.”

Take prescription drugs, Ritalin for example. One kid has ADHD. Without drugs, his perception of reality is chaotic, unfocused, all over the place. When he does take the drugs, things are more calm, focused, better. Another kid does not have ADHD. He takes Ritalin and his perception of reality becomes more sped up, hectic, and wired.

Same drug, different effect. It depends on your original mindstate. It depends what “reality” you live in day to day.

Well, yeah, you’re right, some drugs can help you get more in touch with reality. But now of the drugs Saturn’s friends are talking about… And ‘sensitivity’ was the wrong word for me to use.

Uh, drugs are bad, mmkay

I’ve always been clean, drug-wise. I’ve gotten drunk a couple of times, but even then not until I was over 21 years old (at least, not intentionally until I was over 21… but that’s another story). Some people do drugs to rebel against their parents. I’ve never done drugs to rebel against my parents, as they were both heavy drug users, even as I was growing up.

Alcohol is also a drug.
I think you mean you were clean on other (harmful? illegal? addictive? recreational?) drugs, right?

I agree, but some people are exceptional.
Examples : Colour Deficient people, Imbeciles, and domestic animals.

The average(“normal”) person can see reality as they are, but it is hard to argue in other person’s perspective without being the other.

I mean, reality is objective when it is sensed, and subjective when it is used to communicate with others.

All movies are more entertaining when you’re high. :smiley:

Spirit quests to the reservation liquor store?

Citing Rastafarian (about as much a religion as Scientology) and American Indian drug use as a support for your pro-drug thesis is ridiculous. Both these third-world cultures are in the shithole currently, something that might change if they kicked the habit.

This said, A Clockwork Orange is an amazing picture from a sober viewing as well, and I’m guessing, more so. Your friends are jerks, but aren’t everyone’s.

An aside: I’m sure some one will think I’m a little harsh in regards to my cheap shot up there, but it was rather hyperbolic. It remains however, that N/A culture has serious substance abuse issues and that they are among the least fortunate of American society. My simple solution: no more goddam separatism and just fucking assimilate already. I saw recently a picture of an American Indian lobbiest to the federal government, and he was wearing a suit, rather than the headdress and fringed leather I expected of a truly independent culture. Let’s just end the charade and add to the melting pot.

Caffeine is also a drug, if you’re looking at text-book definitions, but few consider it when someone talks about “drug problems.” I was referring to illegal drugs.

Eh, the thing about alcohol is that it is potentially just as harmful, addictive and recreational as say marijuana.
How many times do people die in car accidents while they are high on weed, as compared to the number of people who die as a result of drunk driving? And I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure alcohol is more harmful to you in the long run than pot is.
And marijuana isn’t quite addictive, it’s just something people do in their spare time, for several reasons. I.E. Boredom, celebration, for fun, etc. They get into nasty habbits, and probably see it as a reward for the end of the week.
(If you’re wondering why I know this, it’s because my brother is a complete stoner.)

Please, <I>please</I> don’t make me go on my anti-pot rant. Yes, alcohol is harmful, yes, it shouldn’t be treated better in our society than marijuana. Please, just don’t glorify marijuana.

Marijuana saps people’s ambition. Its more insidious than alcohol because the effects aren’t flashy or dangerous, but rather soul-crushing…

Keep in mind, I really have no problem with marijuana or alcohol use. I’m not one to talk on this issue. But I don’t think pot should be legal, for the simple reason that I don’t want tobacco companies marketing it to kids.

Perhaps they were just looking for a reason as to why they could do more drugs.

Actually, a study showed that in many cases, drivers that are high on weed are actually LESS likely to cause accidents cause they drive more carefully (or a lot slower, that is). Even with a reducted reaction time, aggressive drivers apparently are still more likely to cause accidents. o.o

(From the film “Fire Walk With Me”)

IRENE: [while drinking coffee and smoking] I don’t do drugs.

STANLEY: Nicotine’s a drug. Caffeine’s a drug.

IRENE: Those drugs are LEGAL. Who’s the towhead?

What study was that, DT? Sorry if I’m being difficult, but that just sounds like something potheads would make up to make it seem not as bad to smoke

I wasn’t giving a pro-drug thesis. I was just giving examples of how some people use drugs to seek enlightenment.

I am not pro-drug. I’m not trying to glorify drug use at all. Don’t get me wrong. I have friends who died due to drug use. They are not good. But I have experienced my fair share of drugs. Maybe more than my fair share. I’m not proud of it, but I feel that I can share a more educated opinion about the subject. Thats all I was trying to do.

I know it sounds like that :stuck_out_tongue: Then again, anything remotely positive about drugs normally does not seem credible to people in the first place. Either way, I got it from a newspaper (serious news source), but I didn’t look at which uni or organization or whatever found that out.

Eh, People high on drugs don’t die as easily as people who aren’t. Their bodies go limp, instead of tensing up, which helps them survive the impact a lot better. It’s not 100% effective, but just a thought.

I believe he mentioned nicotine, not alcohol. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can’t really say “This movie would be great on drugs” because there are so many different drugs, with different effects, that you can’t group them together in such a broad category. I don’t enjoy most movies I’ve seen while stoned. I either get bored, or start to really pick apart the movie and find major holes in the story. But if you watch the same movie on ecstacy or mushrooms, you’ll be watching a different movie entirely. Actually, you’ll just be perceiving it differently, but that’s not important. I have watched The Wall while on mushrooms, and I found it ridiculously depressing, with none of the ‘cool factor’ I thought it would have, and I had to leave the room. Then again, I don’t particularly like the movie while sober either.