A question concerning buying anime.

I’m interested in buying Howl’s Moving Castle off ebay. However, looking through the site I found several different versions and a question occurs to me. Will all of these have the same english voice overs or not? Anybody think they’d be able to answer that for me?

Yeah, they should have the same dub. Why would it be different?

dunno, but none look like an official NA release (and i’m not sure if there is a official nA release) So I wanted to make sure before buying some copy that has weird voice overs or something.

The thing you need to be careful with online and at some places in the malls is that there is a high risk you’re buying bootlegs. Research the different versions and the details carefully and contact your seller to know if the details he gives you matches those of the version you want.

I don’t particularly care if I get a bootleg as long as it’s the same stuff I’d get if I normaly bought it. Thanks for the warning and advice though.

I’m guessing the official release looks like this:

And it says it will be released march 7. So what’s on e-bay is probably not in english or bootlegs or whatever.