A question about Grandia (The first one)

I just deleted the save of my second playtrough that was around the arrival on the End of The World because of a bug. The same reason I had deleted my much more advanced save some months before.

The bugs show like this: The first time, all my stashed items had disappeared and everything lying on the ground had vanished as well, with the chests being opened even before I saw them. Also, after getting captured by Garlyle with the mist-village kid, I started seeing a bunch of random FMVs that obviously belonged to much more advanced segments. The second time was different, suddenly non-random battles (Soldier ambushes, for example) seemed to get skipped over (I would simply see them on the ground as if I had defeated them) and Justin’s entire inventory sans weapon had vanished, including the Spirit Stone. Both bugs happened around the End of The World segment.

This pisses me off because I really want to know how the story goes on. It’s typically corny, but the game managed to make me share Justin’s interest for what’s lying beyond the ruins.

I’m asking if anyone has ever experienced anything like this before, so as to know if I just have to get a new copy or this was in the game already and I should keep five thousand different saves at all times.

Quick question - are you playing this on a PS2? I didn’t get the glitches you mentioned, but I did experience many problems trying ot play it on a PS2.

No, it’s on the PSOne.

I have never got those bugs before. And I have played it several times on the PS1, and the PS2. Getting past the End of the World several times.

Can’t think of anythink that would help to solve the problem. Are you sure the disc is in good condition?

There is nothing on the discs that would suggest any sort of malfunction, and the game plays perfectly fine until these bugs appear out of the blue. I suppose I should just buy a new copy and try again, but the ammount of magic training I lost really pisses me off >:(