A public Disney announcement against Venerial Diseases.

I wish I was making this up, but no, I ain’t.

THis is the best thing ever.

I enjoy the part where the general eats the birth control pills.

-1 for length of video.
+5 for funneh

This isn’t YTMND. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hilarious video, by the way.

I wonder who showed this. The OC eating was pretty funny too, but I had to stop watching after about 10 minutes - it’s just kinda long for things I know already, but still hilarious!

even better, AYDS!


I theorize that this was played for soliders during wartime. They did a coupla animated “shorts” for the war effort and to teach soldiers, and this would probably be a big concern for soldiers.

I saw this in my health class, actually. Apparently the information is still relevant enough… at least that’s what my health teacher said in 12th grade. I’m not going to check up on it again. :-p

If this was short I’d hate to hear what they thought was long.