A public announcement of sorts

Good luck there. :>

I smell a trend. Anyway, yeah. I’m happy for ya, even if I don’t know ya much.

Awwww how cute. I already knew though, as I helped set em up >.> . This had been in the works for months before they started a few months ago, so no its not a trend. Shut up Dante.

Anyway, anyone does anything to prey off their relationship in any way, like certain people have for Astral and I, and the retaliation will be ruthless.

/I/ din’t knew. o_o; Grats and stuff, y’boths.

I’m hurt, Sin.

Alright… I’ll say it…

Okay… seriously though. Have fun you two.

Couples are always nice to see, especially when they reside here as RPGClassics. 8)

Best wishes you Zero and Faetan!

does the yay! dance Uwee hee hee! :slight_smile: Nice nice…

People hooking up with each other is probably the stupidest trend ever and the worst possible bandwagon you could jump on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations, you two.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
… … …
snaps out of his usual indifference
Well… good luck, I guess…
… … …
goes back to whatever he was doing

We got us a hardass here boys…

I guess that’s good to hear Zero, may love befall upon you two, er, and stuff.

Yeah, I started figuring it out when Zero showed up in Fae’s sig. Congratulations you guys!

Originally posted by Zero
Do understand that there are some details of my personal life I truly loathe to disvulge, those who can be used against me or for which I sometimes expect resentment from, mostly due to experiences within my family. I am secretive by nature and thus don’t feel insulted to learn this as a surprise even though you may be a close and trusted friend. In most cases I simply did not wish for things to change because of what I am about to announce.

When you occult something, it becomes harder to live with it the more it stays occulted. Although in this situation, I can understand why…

Faetan and myself are an item, a couple, I love her with all my heart no matter what, regardless that it is common rumor and perhaps belief that I am devoid of a heart or that it froze over or whatever.

Common rumor and truth is highly different. For the few hours I’ve met you, you were a really nice guy, and nice guys aren’t devoid of hearts.

No, I have no intentions to get gushy and stuff on the messageboard, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Hell, it’s your right to be gushy if you want, and yes, I say that because I know you WON’T be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Congratulations you two.

Well, good show, you two. Undoubtedly your personalities are a fine match.

Congratulations. Hope you have a long relationship. Love rocks. Good Luck.

Nice job. Congratulations on your relationship!

Congrats, you two. I hope it works out great for you two.

Hey, does this mean Faetan’s my new mommy?

Oh sure, now that’s a bandwagon I’ll happily jump on! adopts Valk

Congrats you two. I’m sure you two will be happy together… (somebody oughta make RPGC a legal dating service ^_^;; )

Do whatever you two feel you need to do, just as long as you both are happy.

Congrats you two. Seems you get along pretty well.