A public announcement of sorts

Do understand that there are some details of my personal life I truly loathe to disvulge, those who can be used against me or for which I sometimes expect resentment from, mostly due to experiences within my family. I am secretive by nature and thus don’t feel insulted to learn this as a surprise even though you may be a close and trusted friend. In most cases I simply did not wish for things to change because of what I am about to announce.

Faetan and myself are an item, a couple, I love her with all my heart no matter what, regardless that it is common rumor and perhaps belief that I am devoid of a heart or that it froze over or whatever.

No, I have no intentions to get gushy and stuff on the messageboard, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Yeah, leave the gushy factor to me. :wink:

Honestly though, I love Zero too. He’s my best friend, partner-in-crime, and means the world to me.

So stop hitting on him, Charlemagne!!! >:E

I hope you two are really happy with each other.

Zero: Make sure you do everything she says or she’ll retaliate really fast :hahaha; .

Fae: I don’t really know you at all but great job on breaking Zero in :hahaha; .

Then why tell us?

I could easily tell by a past comment that was made and a comment in the Media forum in that picture posting thread, heh.Congratulations you guys, I’m sure there are more people here that know you much better and can say it better than I can.:yipee:

Long story, but it’s my fault. :slight_smile: I hate keeping secrets, I’m the exact opposite of poor Zero in this regard. So there it is, I guess! I do love him an awful lot, though, words can’t express how I feel. So I won’t try, not here anyway.

Thanks, Z, this means an awful lot to me. I love ya. :suckah:

I’m very happy for you. Here’s to hope that you’ll have a great, longlasting relationship :slight_smile:

If you hurt her Zero, I will beat you within an inch of your life. Or not, whatever works.


Good luck you two.

I hereby declare that Fae is planning to take over the Agora by attempting to seduce the admins.

Of course, when she tries for Sin… watch out for Astral

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I said it many moons ago already, but yeah, that’s awesome, and good luck to ya.


Didn’t exactly wait somethig like this for a public announcement, but…

Anyways, congrats, to you two.

Your lack of faith is disturbing, Wizardmaster.

Congratulations, O Master of Evil.

May you two be happy with each other…

I was joking around… You two have fun, but dont take it too fast.

… … …
snaps out of his usual indifference
Well… good luck, I guess…
… … …
goes back to whatever he was doing

Does this mean I have to make a Faetan tackle kissing Zero sprite?

um, thats nice…

Here’s waspinator!

Well good for you two!

I hope that looks like a thumbs up and not like I’m flipping you off :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, good luck. I don’t really see it as any of our business though.

Yay! Another romance!