A problem-

Well, what do you mean by “compromising your personality?” If your personality is such that you have trouble talking to people, it stands to reason that you might work to improve it with no harm and much benefit to yourself. But being more open with people shouldn’t mean throttling your opinions and tastes, or anything else that might be “compromised.” Improving one’s self (provided you consider being able to talk to people an improvement) is a perfectly legitimate goal. As for what Sinistral said, serious relationships tend to develop from casual ones rather than being serious from their inception.

I’ve got the opposite problem. I find it easier to talk to girls than guys.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
I’ve got the opposite problem. I find it easier to talk to girls than guys.

Actually, as far as making friends, I find it just approximately as easy (difficult?) to talk to guy as to girls. Its more of a personality thing with me.

SK: I guess I misunderstood what you said before. Yeah. I think that you and Sin make the most sense out of anyone here- in this thread.

yeah, this is probably mostly a parroting of what others said but: be casual. The relationship won’t go anywhere if she (or anyone for that matter) can’t get along with the kind of person you are, so there’s no real rational reason to try and pretend to be someone you aren’t around her, or acting too shy, or too bold, or anything that is contrary to your usual self. That being said, it doesn’t hurt to put your best foot forward (especially in the beginning), so like, don’t walk around scratching your belly and belching every 3 minutes or something if you tend to do that :stuck_out_tongue:

And then, if it still doesn’t work out, then it probably just means she wasn’t the right kind of person for you. And if it happens a lot of times, then maybe you need you examine yourself and see if there are elements of your character that other people don’t like, but which you can most likely fix.

The only connection i have with girls is my weiner. And that connection only lasts 8-15 minutes.

Cyber: Most people are shy only in certain situations, you may have trouble with one on one conversations but be fearless while giving speeches in front of large numbers of people. I don’t know what is best for you, but I would suggest figuring that out and then placing yourself in situations that are most comfortable for your personality type.

Originally posted by BahamutXero
I’ve got the opposite problem. I find it easier to talk to girls than guys.

Same here. Of course, that doesn’t help me get a girlfriend or anything.

As for dating experience, I have virtually none. I did learn one thing from a very awkward relationship in 9th grade that doesn’t really count. Get to know the person you’re going out with. It’s really pretty obvious, but you have to learn it somehow.
Also, being blunt doesn’t work well for most high school and college girls. Although, that specific individual had an unfortunate lack of social ability.

There’s really no secret to talking that we can communicate to you here. It’s all well and good to hear, “Stay cool,” or, “Be yourself!” but you can’t go into a conversation thinking you have some code into a relationship. You have to do it, not think it. No amount of advice can bridge the gap between those two processes.

As long as you can consciously recognize when someone says the ‘right’ thing or the ‘wrong’ thing, you have the potential to say all the right things. That means you don’t need pointers from us. Relationships won’t happen if you don’t try to start them, and even then they don’t always work. It’s like taking a leap of faith.


Do it the goold old RPGC- style: slip burgers into her backpack XD

CC your a cool guy, I never thought you had an annoying attitude, hehe I think you’re cool.

You don’t have to change for a bunch of losers on a message board >.>;

CC, no offense, but you remind me as the type of guy who, if someone says “How you doin’”, you can draw about 1,000 different meanings from it and end up yelling “I DIDN’T FART!!!”

So just chill. It’s all good.

I have trouble talking to everyone, regardless of gender. My anti-depressants have made some difference, but not much lately.

I wish that I could give you advice, Cyber, but I cannot. Good luck to you.