A preist a rabbi and a shaman walk into a bar....

but there’s no rabbi and no shaman, and it’s actually my eight birthday. And the priest is molesting me. and the priest is my dad, and he’s not a priest… My dad molested me… ALOT.

Good ol’ Char.

But what were you doing in a bar when you were eight? Shouldn’t someone have stopped you at the door for being underage?

A priest, a rabbi and a shaman walk into a bar…

and then they all order nonalcoholic drinks!

Damn, I always wanted to use that comeback! :mwahaha:

Priests and rabbis both drink. Communion wine and that Kosher wine respectively. I can’t say anything about shamans, but I figure those heathen scum drink too.

Something brewed out of boar instestines and raw power of natural spirits, I’d wager.

984: A lot of shamans use drinking as part of their rituals.

So a mullah and a sikh walk into a bar. . .