A political poem

Fallen Flag

The sky turned gray
The air became stale
Everything we seemed to stand for had just failed
Over run with a thick black smoke
Tears of pain and feelings of disdain
Run rampant amongst our folk
In the distance a star bright shone
On a country torn to beneath the bone
Radiating in the darkness this star did guide
Our missiles as they wrecked another countries pride
Day by day, night by night
We take our vengeance with a helpless fright
Ignorance is bliss, but pain is not
Will this flood ever seem to stop?
Can this river come to a close
Crashing its final blow in the deathly cold
Oh, how can we be so bold
To be so hurt when we were told
That our towers would collapse
And our pain be sold
Amongst villainy and evil so cruel
That they would dare complete what we have fueled
Nothing that has happened can validate the actions
Of a few select men who can’t bury the hatchet
And on this day we remember those who were slain
In the name of a cause we still fight for today
Freedom of mind and freedom of choice
All anyone wants is for someone to hear their voice
Amidst the chaos, the yelling, the fear
Hold this day close but don’t shed a tear
Those that deserve them will never hear

Should it be “slain” and not “slayed”? (7 from bottom)

Otherwise, I think it is good. You can feel the emotion.

Ah, yes, you are right. I’ll fix it later.

Oo that gave me chills…

Fixed it up, spell checked and all that.