A Poem of Interest


If you’ve got nine minutes to spare, give a listen. There are worse things you could do with nine minutes.

It was uneven. Let’s put the poetics aside for a while because the poet wouldn’t make his poem into a story if he didn’t consider it part of it, eh? I mostly liked the middle part where he heaped the ridicule a la Zappa -how weird for me!-, pointing out the human idiocy from the same level, but then he kinda rode his horse and became the Scientific Man. Something else rubbed me in the wrong, which I forget, but it’s funny how he dismisses creatures of human invention, as if he hasn’t noticed all the (scientific) literature produced about myths and fables, never mentioning the social role (hey, both good and bad!) of religion. He may be obliterating (without riposte) that strawman(ish) heathen, but if he was at my dinner I’d be thinking “what a bastard”, not “what a proponent of science”.

That said, it was funny at times and there are worse things I could have done. Something useful for instance.