A planet making program

Im trying to create a planet for a story of mine, but I can’t find a good program to do so, can anyone help me?

That makes no sense…I don’t think anyone will know what you are talking about. Like a computer game? A (written) story? What are you talking about?


I suggest just trying to figure it out yourself, I have a couple stories, and if I want something like that, I just wait for inspiration to hit me, and it will eventually.

I have heard of many programs where you can generate a planet, or there is a scientific calculations where you can do such a thing. But I can’t find the site anymore.

Learn some physics

I dunno about a PC program for that (tough I’m sure there must be some) but I know that some of the book supplements for the GURPS RPG contained information on that theme, including things such as gravity, weather, adaptations etc. Check out the GURPS website, you might find out something you can download or order by mail.

Edit: confimed- check out GURPS Space in the Role playing Section, it can be downloaded (not for free.)

Thaks dude.


This is one of them, though not a program, I HAD found once. But I don’t understand the mathmatics

You could try starting small. Imagine details about your planet. Does it have any cities? If so, how big? Are there many land masses?

I essentially use Earth as a base and tweak certain aspects and imagine how it would affect other things. For example, if Earth had less or more gravity, how would it affect living creatures?

Play Master of Orion or Star Control II.

<A href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Little_Prince” target="_blank">“On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur, l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux”</A>

Does your reader really need a different planet?

GM wins. And that shows a bad attitude to roleplaying.

That’s true too. I just wish I could understand those mathematics up there lol.

I’m fairly tempted to say Dark Cloud.

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For a universe- bird eye- point of view, I know of a really nice plug-in for PSP to create some, in case you’re interested~
Makes really nice images, and might be useful for inspiration. Easy to use, you just click on a button and randomize a planet.


NASA, yo.