A Physics Project... ideas wanted.

He wants to drop 10 dozen, that’s 120 eggs.
What he needs to do is get a niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice big piece of cloth and make a bigass parachute out of it. Make it so it’s not flimsy, though.

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Don’t know about size, but unless you’ve been told differently or the teacher is supplying the eggs, hard boil them… >.>

I’m so glad I wasn’t the only person thinking about that.

I remember doing such a thing what we did was like said attach a parachute, but with the collapsible thing, you gotta make sure you find the right material and attach in to the right section, you have to factor in that the egss will be moving horizontal as well as the vertical.

We had a contest like that a while back. This is the basic design that won:

  1. The inner “egg holder” was a hollowed out tennis ball. The egg was put inside as well as some packing foam. The tennis ball was then resealed.

  2. The tennis ball was then slipped into a leg of “super durable” panty hose. The panty hose was stretched across the inside of the outer shell.

  3. The outer shell was essentially a padded box. I can’t remember what exactly it was made of… but it was pretty light, and very durable.

They had a parachute, but it didn’t help all too much.

boiling is banned. How big should the parachute be, any way? 10 ft. diameter maybe?

If not boiled, then old. Not THAT old so it already fouls, but about one week or so because then the, uhm, bubble or however you call it in the inside will grow. And stuff. Don’t know if that makes it lighter, but one can at least try, right?

Hmm… I remember one design being a simple helmet with enough base to slow it down and enough padding inside to ensure the worst doesn’t happen.

I’m not sure how big your parachute will need to be for a 100ft drop. I could always ask my physics teacher, on Monday if you want, he might be able to help.

Edit: I just thought of a question, will you be actually dropping the egg containers, or are you throwing them off the building, since it sort of makes a difference of how fast the thing lands at.

dropping probably.

would it be possible to sticky this? I won’t be on during weekends and would like to be able to find this information to show my team later.

Thnx in advance.

The simplest solution is often the best one. Beyond that, I have no advice.

Put them inside a magnetic field, there is no way they could get damaged at all then.

Actually I have no real extraordinarily bright idea, the only idea I have is putting it inside something padded.

Remember that eggs are more solid than most people think.

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Remember that eggs are more solid than most people think.

True. Try to break one of them (raw) by squishing it with your fist.

It depends on which way you try to break it. Since it is stronger from top to bottom, then side to side.

Anyway if you are dropping them, then that is a better idea, saince it will land at a slower speed (about 24m/s^2). But that is saying that air resistance is negilable, but it will be even slower when actually done (especially if you have a larger base on your container).

10 dozen eggs?

120 eggs?

Ok, just order a big parachute top, string it or tape it to a box containing the eggs, and just drop that bitch. Easy. Just expensive.

Since we are only doing this for pride i don’t think that we will want be too expensive. but sme expenditures will be necessary to stay competitive. Hopefully it won’t hit too loudly.