a Paris copy in China

Near the city of Hangzhou, a Eiffel Tower copy was just finished. Maybe they want to sell these houses around (I’m not sure).
I’m just back from my vacation in Paris. :thud: It seems that the next time when I want to go to Paris, I don’t have to spent 1000 euro for my air tickets.

And by the way, everything in France is 10 times expensive than in China, it’s great to be back home.

I hope you also like lung cancer at the age of 35!

The wages are higher in France.
Eiffel Tower reproductions

Of course the air is a little polluted here because there are a lot of huge factories. But it’s still not enough to let many people get lung cancer. I didn’t see anyone get lung cancer yet.
Most people in China died in hypertension, because they eat too much meat (Chinese average meat consume is 4 times more than Japanese ).

The wages are higher in France, but not 10 times higher.

I can’t open wikipedia in china, comm:moogle: unism party block it.

Never in my life did I think I’d literally say this, but… Goddamn commies.

Oops, sorry about that. The biggest one is in Vegas, there are also ones in Shenzhen and Paris, Texas (&Tennessee&Michigan) among others.

There isn’t one in Paris, Idaho? I’m dissapointed in them.

Are you sure? What is the average wage of a work with a university degree in China? I know most recent graduates in Beijing are making 2000 RMB a month. That’s 24,000RMB / year. 10.5RMB = 1 euro, so that’s like 22,000 euro a year. Think most French university graduates are making more than 22,000 euro a year, so I think a factor of ten probably isn’t that far off.

But the cost of living in China is cheaper…

The one in Shenzhen was built in early 90’s when China began to open its macket, trying to help people to know more about the world outside.
But this one in Hangzhou is just the idea of some houseseller.

2000 RMB is too little, I get 6000 RMB. And one of my classmates got 8000 just after he graduated.
If I go to Frence now, the only job for me is washing dishs. I’d rather work in China and let others wash dishs for me.