A open letter to CNN

Dear CNN

Stop running your bullshit Christian propaganda and trying to claim you are in any way reputable. Also, the ad at the end of your that shows saying you’re funded by a Methodist church? Yeah, that is really unbiased there. Anderson Cooper, we all know you’re a fag yet you are reporting on this; how do you sleep at night?

Yours truly,


i would send it

Dear Eden

You are a Canadian. We do not care what you think. You are also gay; therefore, we have even less reason to listen to you. Being both Canadian and gay, it is obvious you are godless and wish to destroy Western society. In addition, Anderson Cooper sleeps at night upon a pile of money, passed out from late night benders and orgies, some of which involve Soledad O’Brien.

Yours truly,

P.S. We are sending you the Ragin’ Cajun Jim Carville. We hear he may be into your wacky butt sex.

How do you feel calling someone a fag?


Homosexuals are all for the love baby.

lav Eden <3

Dear CNN,
Glenn Beck is a fucking tool

Homosexual propaganda now? Wow! I’m impressed you can come into a thread and not read a single word of what was actually said! GTFO >:|

That being said, 984 no matter how sarcastically you may have meant that, we both know it is true. :x

It is nice to know atleast a few people out there share my feelings about CNN right now. :3


And now, Darth Vader does his own musical cover:

mechanical breathing Some of you think this is a Rebel song. This is not a Rebel song … This is CNN. I mean, uh … this is “Sunday, Bloody Sunday.”

Nice Eden, now do one for Fox. >.>

I was about to say…

You damn right we both know it’s true. Anderson Cooper pounds that multi-ethnic ass every night.

I’m always amused at how anti-cnn so many canadians are. While it has gotten shittier and shittier over the years, I just refer them to Fox News, which none of them ever had the displeasure of watching.


What did CNN do? Explain!

yeah what is this in reference to, if specific and not general.

Fox has news now?

Their current “What is a Christian” program.


I was surprised that there was no letter to Fox News since that’s the one with the right-wing slant…

We have televisions in our breakrooms at work, and the channel-switching war between CNN and Fox News has gone on since the sets were installed. Why can’t we just watch Press Your Luck on the Game Show Network and be happy?

Fox News is the mouthpiece of the neoconservative branch of the republican party and this is in no way an understatement.

what are you talking about, they have so many legitimate news shows… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Stories_with_Oliver_North