A new school!

I know this will probably scare a lot of you, so I couldn’t help but post it.


I am beware’d.

Jerry Falwell’s a bastard. He blamed 9/11 on gays. >:(

All I can say is…Conservatives suck.

Classroom lectures and discussions will fuse the teachings of the Bible with the U.S. Constitution, stressing the connections between faith, law and morality

Is this constitutional?

guh. very guh. no further words are needed.

I’m glad there are restrictions on private schools in Norway. *Nod.

Since its a private school, yes.

You know a guy has no life when he creates a school based around getting rid of Roe vs. Wade.

At least, that’s the impression I got, since the only thing they talk about in the article is repealing Roe vs. Wade.

Hey, I live near there! Woo! VA in the news! Oh, and DB, why do you hate conservatives? Because they believe different things than you?

Wow, how close-minded. I can’t believe people like you still live. People who are not open to opinions or ideas other than their own. Oh well.

Anyway, back on subject. I found this kind of funny. Attorney’s with a soul? LOL, though I imagine he won’t get many applicants, but you never know.

I dunno, you’d be surprised. It is a christian school, and I’m sure there are alot of christians who want to go to law school. And a christian school. Its just a mix.

Ok, let me straighten this out, this particular conservative sucks. And to be honest, it would be kinda hypocritical for me to hate all conservatives since my government is pretty conservative. But I don’t particularily like this government because they’re a bunch of lying gits. And I don’t like this guy because I don’t agree with his methods. But that’s just me.
And by the way, I don’t have that many ideas of my own, so it’d be stupid not to be open to new ones.
And if you think there aren’t people out there who aren’t open to ideas and opinions other than their own, then you are very naive.

Right, but if you’re a christian and you don’t see how biased this is (which is something the Judicial system isn’t supposed to be) then I don’t really think you deserve to be a lawyer.

woot seperation of church and state.

Only judges are suppose to be unbiased. Without biase lawyers, very little would happen.

So glad I live in liberal Canada. Which shall remain liberal for a very long time, I hope and pray.

News of the deepening conservitive ideas in some who live just south of me is quite disturbing though- what happened to your goverment rooting out evil? XP

Person, is what you said about Falwell blaming 9/11 on gays true?


Then why is Lady Justice blind? The Judicial System on the whole is supposed to be unbiased.

Yeah, it is. He’s pretty much a huge jerk. Said that it was punishment from god for all of the homosexuality.

Yep. Let me get the exact wording.

And those are his exact words. Exact.

So as punishment, God decides to kill lots of straight people. What a nice, clear thinking entity he/she/it is.