A new low for Sony.


They’ve resorted to using XBox 360 screenshots for their adverstisements.

Haha. Good ol’ Sony.

I bet someone’s losing their job over that fuck up.


I’m speechless.

Seriously, what the hell? A $2,500 edition PS3 was something, but taking screenshots from a rival system and thinking it will go unnoticed has to be a new level of game company stupidity. :stuck_out_tongue:

slow sarcastic applause So, should I get a Wii? I think my next console will be a Wii, once I’ve gotten a DS …

I may be rooting for Nintendo this generation, but still, seriously Sony…


I think I’m gonna buy MGS4, FF13 (and MAYBE Enchanted Arms) and just wait until I find some SUCKER that bought a PS3. That’s what I did with the PSP, and it’s working out just fine for me.

I think the funniest thing about this is that Sony is always saying how much more powerful the PS3 is than its competition, yet it is stealing graphic shots from an “inferior” system and first party game for the system.

I thought the ad was for PSP, not PS3.

Nevermind, it was a trailer for PSP.
Either way, classic Sony screwup.

There’s a chance that that was a simple mistake.

That’s what I would have argued if I made that “mistake,” anyways.

Don’t bother buying them, anyone who’d have a PS3 would get those games.

It’s really that hard to capture a screenshot for a game you’re making that you have to use a screenshot from another game’s website? If so, then instead of being theifs, Sony is also incompetent in even making a game.

The only shame in this is that the screenshots shown are not pictures of Solid Motherfucking Snake.

Maybe they were using the Xbox pic for a comparison in one of their ads and someone mistakingly sent that one in instead of the right one.

I’m pretty damn sure the head of sony doesn’t handpick every single ad. It’s probably some lacky that wanted to fuck with sony.

I just love how people can view a company like everyone knows what’s going on at all times.

Well, they are responsible for their shit.

I’m not saying that. I never said that the head person of Sony knew or was even reponsible, I was refering to the company as whole. There should at least be some sort of communication and coherentness throughout the company. Regardless of if the top person knows or not, the people making the ads should still have contact with other people in Sony (such as the programmers since they’ll have the actual game being advertised) to make the ads. Besides, there are many levels of leadership and there was a failure somewhere. Besides, the press and spin guys for Sony are always touting about the power and the PS3’s sales, yet their advertisers are taking screenshots from the competition, not even from a multiplatform game.