A new computer... for my mom...

Well in light of my going to college and taking the new computer with me, my mom has decided to buy herself a new computer. (that’s good) The only “problem” it that it’s better than mine. Here’s the lowdown.

2.8Ghz Pentium 4 processor
160GB Hard Drive
512 MB RAM
DVD and CD writer
DVD and CD player
Wireless mouse and keyboard

That’s a lot.

However the other point here is that we had to get information out of the two older coputers, including mine, like documents and my moms files on The Sims, before I left for school. So my German friend and I set off for Staples and we bought a network cable and I got myself a wireless keyboard and a laser mouse.

Now since the older HP computer that we have isn’t working my friend, Jan, took the hard drive out of it and put it into my Compaq. So it’s cool, now my computer has 160GB of hard drive. But there came a problem when reformatting the drives. We reformatted the Compaq one just fine, and then I saved my stuff from both drives that I wanted to keep and put them into a folder and then my friend went to reformat the Compaq drive. I wasn’t thrilled with this idea since it didn’t realy need formatting but he insisted that it had to be done.

So anyway, of course something goes wrong. My friend runs the system recovery CD’s into the thing and when it’s done the computer says that the systems files are not there. Then he tries to run the system recovery on from the old HP computer, and of course it doesn’t work since it’s a Compaq hard drive. So now my friend has to do a bunch of emergency disk recovery crapola and I have no idea if it will work or how long it will take. I’m on my mom’s new computer right now but we’re going to the beach today so I don’ tknow if my od computer is going to be up and running before I get to school or what. So this is just some technical difficulties that we’re trying to wade through but it’s nothing too major.

When will people learn that formatting is a last desperate resource?

Back when i had a PC i lost all of my files from formatting…the nioght before i had a report due too…

Formatting isn’t the last desperate resource, it is something you’re supposed to do regularly to keep the harddisk healthy.

Best of luck in getting it all to work again.

Oro. Stationary.
AMD Duron 1.2gHz.
256mB ram
15gB + 20 gB + 60gB
ATI Radeon 7000
Sound Blaster Live! Value
Windows 2000/Debian XFS

Makes more noise than a sawmill, that’ll end as soon as I get the cooling system replaces though.

Nani. Laptop.
Intel PIII 1.133mHz Speed Step.
256mB ram
GeForce2 Go-200
Cirrus Logic CS4205
Windows XP

Saba. Server.
Intel PII 233mHz
128mB ram
GeForce2 MX

Slackware 8.0

I got bored.

Meh it’s better than mine, here are some of my specs.

512 MB RAM
GeForce FX PCI 128mb
48x CD Drive

Not a bad gaming machine, still a little laggy on some newer games but not bad. About a year old. She’s a beast.

Nul, I meant formatting in the case shown here.

My specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2000 1.7 Ghz
512 RAM of that fast kind
40 Gb HD
CD-RW drive 52x/40x
SiS something onboard, I let it work with 32 mb
onboard sound
Asus 7k something (I’m gonna check the manual for the reference and edit this)
running Windows XP Professional

Jeeze why would your mom need such a high-end computer?

I agree - A $399 Lindows 'puter is more than enough for most non-gamer people.

Wert, Please…Please…please dont start up again. No speaky of any OS was needed. All you could of said was “I agree - A $399 'puter is more than enough for most non-gamer people”
Anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

<hr align=left width=100>
<i>Rud’s comp</i>
AMD 1600 XP+
768 DDR 2700
60GB 7200RPM HDD
30GB 5400RPM HDD
GF2 ti something or other
Sound Blaster 5.1 blah blah blah
DVD Player

OK, I’m back and better than ever.

Apparently the system restored itself on the wrong drive and our various attempts to get stuff working got screwed up so I just borrowed a copy of Windows XP from a friend and I got it reinstalled.

Right now I’m going through and getting the programs that I didn’t bother saving when we formatted. And tomorrow I move to college, so busy busy busy.