A new Chrono?

Got the link from another forum.

The person who found it apparently did so on a japanese gaming website. Dunno what it means…anyone here read japanese?

In any case, I like what it could mean.

Based on the timing, and the lack of news from any major news site, I’m willing to bet it was someone’s april fools joke. Not to mention that both Square and Enix have done most of their game logos in English for some time now. Not that that rules out the plausibility of that ad entirely, it just seems odd that Square Enix would quietly announce the game at the beginning of April, 6 weeks before E3, and only announce it in Japanese, without the mainstream media freaking out about it.

Well, I’d heard that Square had a big announcement not related to Final Fantasy that was gonna come out at E3.

If this is it, I may very well cream my jeans. And if its true - I hope to god it’s better than Chrono Cross.

Frankly I hope it’s a remake of Trigger with updated graphics. That would kick ass.

O.O Please let it be true, please let it be true, please let it be true… C’mon, there are a few jap-speakers here, tell us already!

grumbles loudly about Chrono Trigger Resurrection

wonders what will come of all this

Sorry to burst your bubbles guys, but the new Squar-Enix craze is the following:

Code someithing…

Yeah, Square’s working on Code Age Commanders, FFXII, and KHII. They can’t POSSIBLY be working on a fourth RPG. /sarcasm

Its reads Chrono Trigger at the bottom (but I bet most of you already knew that), as for the rest of it… I dunno. Only thing I can make out at the top right is hashimatsuta (I dunno what that actually translates to, and babelfish sucks). Sorry, but I tried.

edit: Ok, I fucked up that so called translation. Anyway, the top right reads “hajimatta” which apparently means “to begin.”

A game set in a Dyson Sphere? Fucking SOLD.

I hold by the thought that it’s an April Fools Joke until at least one major media site reports on it. I’m sorry, but I’m not getting my hopes up on this one. As a fan of far more Japan friendly RPGs than this (like Dragon Quest, Mother, and Ys), I’m used to games I like never coming out (or at least never coming out over here), so I often get my hopes up at a picture or announcement, just to have them crushed later. I’ll wait for more evidence, thanks.

Why won’t they make new Chrono games when both were successful?

Agree. The timing is impeccable. From now on, i dont believe any annoncements or news releases made April 1 (+ or - two days). Not after this piece of art

As for another “big” RPG coming out, maybe it was this:

Previously Announced Square Enix Announcement Announced as the Announcement of Grandia III
Another April Fools joke? The title is hilarious though.



Game Arts is doing Grandia III. Enix is simply publishing it (I say Enix, cause you know that the Square half of the merger wouldn’t touch that). Speaking of, why haven’t we heard crap from Enix? Maybe that Code Age Commanders is an Enix title, but the rest of the stuff we’ve been seeing since the merger (aside from Dragon Quests V and VIII) have been 100% Square.

Square’s holding them down. They know very well that Enix’s been gaining in popularity and they don’t want them to actually, you know, fucking sell.

Besides, Enix never really had a lot of franchises to begin with except DW, tri-ACE games (and SO3 was so goddamn bad that they should never ever touch a dev kit again), and in the olden times, Quintet games.

They could always do a Robot Alchemic Drive 2.

Umm, Enix was f’ing HUGE in Japan, often publishing more than a dozen titles per year. Now that they’re merged, the only titles we see come out of the company are Square titles.

That poster looks very photoshopped to me. I’m thinking its a prank.

And wasn’t it Enix that bought out Square anyway?

I doubt there’s any conspiracy going on back there, it’s a bloody video game company. And I do say a, as in one. I don’t see how a single company can repress itself. Or part of itself. Maybe I just misunderstood what “merger” meant. :\

As a huge fan of the Chrono series I would love to see another Chrono game but I sincerely doubt thats real. If it is reall I’ll be extactic, but until it’s confirmed at E3 I’m a doubting Thomas.