A new Buffy - without Joss Whedon?

Possibly the absolute worst idea I’ve heard in a long, long time. Way to alienate every single possible fan there, guys.

I watched the first few seasons of the Buffy TV series in grade 5 and 6. It will forever remain childish to me.

It’s still far better than twilight though :slight_smile:

I only ever really saw Seasons 4 and 5 of Buffy. I honestly thought the show should’ve ended at Season 5, I lost interest with their attempt to revive it and Buffy herself.

But I know it has a huge fanbase, and yeah, this kind of news will just piss them off. If they’re cutting out all the characters and themes of the show then why not just write an original script unrelated to the series about some other girl having to save the world? Why connect it to the series at all if you’re NOT GOING TO CONNECT IT TO THE SERIES?

I thought it should’ve ended after the master died, honestly. Good series are usually kept short.

I decided to start watching it last year (I’d seen one or two episodes but never anything long-term). I ended up going through all seven seasons at the rate of about two or three a week. Besides the awesome writing, I thought seasons 2 and 3 were absolutely brilliant (the finale of season 2 contains possibly the most heart-rending moment I’ve ever seen). And come on… season 1 didn’t have Spike. There goes half the fun. 8p And I liked Anya as well after she became a regular. Dawn not so much, they never really knew what to do with her.

One thing the series does have a problem with is good villains… arguably, Angel in Season 2 is the only really evil and really scary villain they ever had. The Mayor in season 3 was pretty good though. The villains generally get too postmodern, being either caricatures of themselves, parodies of villains, or too weak to be taken seriously.

I agree the series wasn’t always 100% awesome, but there was always enough awesome in it to be entertaining, and it was generally more thoughtful than most shows out there. Season 6 had the musical episode, one of the most enjoyable things I’ve experienced on TV.

Angel, unfortunately, was much more disappointing.

Never really watched an episode an entire way through. What I did see, didn’t impress me - seemed to be your basic high school melodrama except with the supernatural. And there was a lot of silliness too, like that one vampire with spiked hair or that guy who was supposed to be a werewolf.

EDIT: Except maybe I’m being too harsh. I know people who found it to be extremely inspiring.

Castlevania is one of the few things I enjoy with vampires, but I don’t really pursue an interest in vampires, so who’s to say if I’d like Buffy or not. My wife made me see Twilight. Terrible movie, she read the books and even agreed the movie sucked. I’ve only seen a few dracula movies, Van Helsing, interview with a vampire – none of those stuck. Castlevania is the only thing I currently enjoy with the whole vampire thing.

Trust me, in general I can’t stand vampire stuff. I tried reading Anne Rice, the True Blood novels, etc. and could never get into it. Buffy’s very different, in that it’s postmodern, very funny, and has a varied and extremely deep look into the relationships and emotions of the characters. Whedon’s dialogue is pure genius (for those episodes which he writes).

Hmm, maybe I’ll try to find some transcripts online. Are there any episodes in particular you would recommend?

The movie was decent for a horror comedy. I used to watch the show when it first came on, but stopped watching for a bit and got completely lost whenever I saw episodes after that. It was decent.

Buffy was an ok movie and a show my family used to watch together back in the day. I don’t think it was anything so amazing that it needs any revival. Everyone’s gonna just think they’re riding on the tails of twilight anyhoo.
And I like vampire stuff, from lore to Anne Rice (although I do not like twilight, have never seen it, will never see it. bleh.)

Curtis: There’s a lot of continuity (most of it isn’t just one-shot episodes) so picking one here or there might confuse you. I don’t think I can recommend individual episodes to someone who hasn’t started from scratch.

I like continuity in TV series, so maybe I will try to reading the transcripts from Season 1. God knows I have enough free time.